DIY Home Projects

There are DIY Home Projects to save money, save your health, save the planet and give you the personal satisfaction of being creative and more self-sufficient.

There are ideas for a home business that can be taken from a home handcraft to a home business. Also, opportunities focused on simple ideas that can be started with low investment and turned into a very profitable home business.

Any home business should have a website and you'll find an exceptional point and click website building package on this site. In addition you can use the website builder to start a business that is completely online.

I will add more DIY categories as time goes by in addition to what is on the site now. Below are some examples of the types of DIY home projects you will see offered on this website.

DIY home heating, solar projects, wood projects, gardening, composting, electric projects and DIY home business plans.

There is now many DIY home project plans as well as books and information on subjects related to a sustainable living-homesteading type of lifestyle as well as some DIY small home business ideas.

More DIY Home Project categories will be added as I find good information on them.

Also, remember that many of the DIY home projects on this website can be used as ideas to start a home business.


Here is my logo and anywhere else you see it, such as Youtube, you will know who it represents.

A symbol of the independent thinking DIY home projects crowd!

DIY Home Projects Are Endless

There are so many possible categories of items that can be built, improved upon or repaired with DIY home projects information that I can't cover them all.

But eventually I hope to cover all the basic and important things required for most anyone to not only survive but to also live well and comfortably and to live better no matter where you are.

You can do many of these DIY home projects while also lowering your monthly bills, improving your nutrition and improving the health of the planet at the same time. It just depends on what you personally want to accomplish and the type of situation you live in.

Living on an acreage or farm increases the possibilities but even in the city, there is more than most people realize, that they can do to improve their situation. 

An example is gardening. With some different techniques, you can grow a lot of vegetables in a small space and have it grow faster than a traditional type of garden.

Some DIY Home Projects
Depend Upon Local Regulations

One of the items offered on this site, a home heating system, is a wood heat home heating system that has much higher efficiency than any type of conventional wood heater.

It is simple to make, but you also have to check local regulations, since each state or province is different regarding building regulations for human or animal habitation.

But for most projects, your concern will just be the space available for the DIY projects you want to build.

I grew up in an environment where we grew our own garden every year, heated with wood and coal and a well outside with a hand pump for all our water needs.

So I have experience with the homestead type of living as well as having been directly involved for many years in wilderness survival, so you will also see information on wilderness survival, because it fits in well with DIY off the grid projects and homesteading info.

DIY Projects Are Very Satisfying

DIY home projects are very satisfying when they are finished and work the way they are supposed to.

I personally think that one of the main reasons why shopping at the local mall is almost a hobby for so many people is because buying something they don't really need only gives them temporary satisfaction - then the novelty wears off and the urge to buy again returns and off to the store they go again.

Creating things gives a lot more satisfaction but so many people never discover this. For people who love to create, time doesn't even exist except for when it's meal time or bedtime. For them, there aren't enough hours in the day!

So, if you love to create or want to learn how, you're in the right place. I plan to turn this site into a center of creativity for the DIY people out there who are looking for useful DIY home projects to save money, find a hobby or find ideas that you can make extra money with in a small home based business.

Make Money With DIY Crafts & Knowledge

Some people make extra money and some even make a good living selling handcrafts they have created and some who have knowledge on a certain subject create information, plans, short reports, etc. and sell them online.

Would you like to have a home business creating things? If you like to do something, it's not work, it's pleasure.

Whether it's crafts you can make at a kitchen table or with hand tools in your workshop, there are possibilities if you want to sell DIY items and not just create them.

Sample Shed Plan Below

Any plans you see offered will come with complete easy-to-read instructions for building as well as a material list plus different views of each section such as walls, roofs, and floors as well as suggestions on foundations, tools etc. where needed.


Collections of DIY Home Projects

There are a lot of different DIY home projects now on this site, as I have been adding regularly and there is a category to make almost any DIY person happy, but there are also more projects and ideas coming. 

I have written books and articles, but since I'm just one person, I didn't create everything you will see on this website.

The vendors I select for some of the products on this site are for their quality and uniqueness.

I got into the DIY homestead projects market because it reflects the way I think, the way I grew up and the way I have lived my life.

So, check it out and if you have any comments or questions, just use the contact form on the right side at the top and I'll answer you as quick as I can.


There are also DIY repair manuals for almost any type of consumer equipment you can think of.

In addition there are manuals for DIY repair of industrial equipment and all types of automobiles.

I receive a fee for advertising some products on this site. I am paid out of the seller's profits, so the price to you is the same, no matter where you purchase the item.


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