Build An Aquaponics Grow System

An aquaponics grow system is a system that combines raising fish in tanks (recirculating aquaculture) with no-soil plant culture (hydroponics).

In aquaponics farming, the nutrient-rich water from the fish provides a natural fertilizer for the plants and the plants help to purify the water for the fish. So, it's a great example of environmentally friendly recycling with little waste. 

Most recycling projects need external sources of heat (gas, electricity), chemicals, buildings and maintenance, etc. to accomplish their goals. A small home aquaponics system can be close to self sustaining and uses little electricity.

Aquaponics will use some electricity for a small home system but the amount will be a lot less than what you pay for groceries at the local markets. Also, if you have an indoor aquaponics system your temperature will remain more constant and use very little power. 

An aquaponic greenhouse system may be something else you want to consider and the climate where you live will dictate how much it will cost you to operate.

But also, like hydroponics, aquaponics is not suited to all crops.  For example, you don't want to try growing corn this way. Like hydroponics, you should maintain fairly constant temperatures. Depending where you live, you may need heaters or coolers for temperature control.

The easiest crops to grow are leaf lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, watercress, celery and some herbs and of course, you can have fantastic fresh produce year round.

Aquaponics Grow System

This is a hydroponics grow system. Aquaponics is adding a fish tank below the system create a natural self sustaining grow cycle. 

The fish fertilize the plants and the plants create oxygen and nutrients for the fish. Plants use the carbon dioxide given off by the fish like humans use oxygen for survival.

How An Aquaponics Grow System Works

With a DIY aquaponics grow system you can grow more plants and grow them much faster than with traditional gardening. So, you get more crops and bigger crops and also constant fresh produce year round. Also, you'll have much tastier produce than you get from the imported food at the local supermarket.

How aquaponics works is through a very simple natural cycle.

Aqua-Culture is the process of growing fish in a tank and fish tanks need regular cleaning for the fish to survive and thrive. Fish produce waste and other by-products that need to be constantly filtered out of the water and these by-products from the fish are great plant food.

So the plants get natural, organic fertilizer constantly from the fish and the plants get nutrients that they need. The plants also use the carbon dioxide given off by the fish and carbon dioxide to plants is like oxygen to humans. 

The plants can't live without carbon dioxide and this source of carbon dioxide can help your plants grow a lot faster. So, with the natural fertilizer from the fish and the rich source of carbon dioxide, this makes your plants grow faster and produce like crazy.

The plants help put oxygen and nutrients into the water and this is great for your fish. You can watch recycling in action!

Aquaponics Grow Ssytem 2

A natural cycle with nothing artificial results in orgnanic plants that are much tastier and healthier.

Just the way nature works!

Try this DIY Aquaponics Grow System in your backyard or basement & see for yourself. A complete guide on how to start aquaponics with procedures and material. A hobby that can be much cheaper to start than many other activities.

More Plants Per Square Foot With Aquaponics

You can have a lot more plants per square foot of space too in an aquaponics grow system because the plants don't need a lot of room for a root system like a traditional garden. The plants can absorb nutrients directly from the water. So, more plants adds up to more production in addition to growing crops faster and bigger.

The water is constantly recirculated too, so an aquaponic garden will use a lot less water than a traditional garden. In a traditional garden the roots soak up some of the water you apply, but most of the water just drains away into the soil and ends up back in the ground water table. 

The plant roots in an aquaponic grow system are always surrounded by nutrient rich water, so the plants can easily take up nutrients and water whenever they need to. In a traditional garden, it takes a lot of root space and a lot of work for the plants to get the water and nutrients they need.

Gardening this way is also organic gardening, so you get organic produce and you get it at a great price compared to the organic produce at your local super market and it will taste better too!

No more bending over, no more weeding, no more constant watering and you'll get a garden that grows bigger, faster and produces organic food. And once your aquaponic garden is set up, it's easy to maintain.

On top of that, you can set up your own aquaponics garden very cheaply with easy to source local parts and add to it for a larger garden whenever you want to expand.

This Aquaponics Guide contains step by step plans and a material list to start you off and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied for any reason. 

Get growing today. Harvest organic food in a few weeks and amaze your friends with your tasty, organic produce and grow it cheaper than you can buy it at the local supermarket.

Organic Gardening for Beginners


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