Health  Benefits of
Fermented Foods

The health benefits of fermented foods are many. The health benefits of DIY probiotics are not just for the way probiotics affect digestion but there are many additional health benefits too, that are a direct result of a having a high level of probiotics in your digestive system.

The best way to get a regular and rich source of probiotics is with DIY fermented foods. Fermented foods aren't hard to make and can be one of the best health investments you will ever make. Much better and cheaper than the probiotics you can buy at a health store.

Regular supermarket dairy products contain antibiotics and synthetic hormones, which are very hard on human health. The antibiotics are then eaten by you in the dairy products and they kill off some of the good bacteria in your system. Over time, this causes your levels of good bacteria go lower and lower.

Antibiotics are given to cows to try to reduce infection due to overcrowding  while standing in a barn all day and synthetic hormones are given to artificially increase milk production. The synthetic hormones are also very hard on human health and can cause serious health problems over time, including premature aging.

Too many synthetic hormones can produce all kinds of negative health effects in humans. Usually, reproductive system problems occur first and later, other problems, such as hair loss, circulation problems, muscle problems, digestive problems, mood problems, etc.

Also, many people think of hormone imbalance as causing many female problems but there are also many male  problems such as prostate cancer, manboobs, low testosterone, male pattern baldness, etc. Some direct female problems with hormone imbalance are infertility, irregular period, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroid tumors, etc.

A major reason for weight gain in males and females is hormone imbalance and this can also make it very hard to lose weight, even on a good weight loss type of diet.

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Here's an example of DIY Fermented Foods. Some carrots mixed with saurkraut. 

Many foods can be fermented - it just depends on what your taste buds like.

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Pasteurization Destroys Probiotics

Pasteurization completely destroys the major benefits of fermented foods because the heat used in pasteurization destroys the probiotics that are created naturally during the fermentation process.

If you look carefully at the labels of products you buy, you may find some unpasteurized products, especially in the natural health section of your local markets or a market dedicated to healthy foods, but it is rare to find them and they are expensive.

A good example of this is saurkraut. It still may taste OK and of course has some nutrients, but most versions of saurkraut in regular supermarkets are pasteurized, so the probiotic benefits of eating it are also gone.

In addition to that, you can make fermented foods a lot cheaper than you can buy them. The last time I saw a jar of unpasteurized saurkraut in the health food store, it was $12. 

The way to beat this situation is with homemade fermented foods. Most DIY fermented foods aren't very hard to make and can do wonders for your health.

Also, the gov't has made people paranoid about bad bacteria and the laws now say that all dairy products for human consumption must be pasteurized.

But the real problem is sanitation. People made their own fermented food for hundreds of years without major problems.

Remember, the antibiotics I mentioned. Animals are living in crowded conditions that breed bacteria, so that's why antibiotics are used. Cows on small farms live naturally and so, if you keep clean conditions for milking your cows, you don't have a sanitation or bad bacteria problem.

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods-2

Improving the level of probiotics in your digestive system can help to turn around many health problems and the anti-aging effects will become noticeable in your skin too.

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Most Supermarket Yogurt is Not
A Good Source of Probiotics

Probiotics became one of the focuses of the natural health movement in recent years but because of this thing called marketing, many people have misconceptions about probiotics.

One big misconception is that yogurt is a good way to get your probiotics. But the problem with that approach is that most of the yogurt on store shelves has other ingredients that cancel out the real benefits of the probiotics.

Most yogurt has sugar, which feeds the bad bacteria and this cancels out any good effects of the probiotics.

In addition, many yogurt brands contain other ingredients such as preservatives which also cancels out the good effects of any probiotics.

The antibiotics and synthetic hormones are another real health hazard.

Some yogurts also contain artificial sweeteners which are usually just more chemical concoctions that further unbalance your natural probiotics.

So, if you buy a healthy brand of yogurt without any chemicals, it still has nutrients that are good for you but you can forget about the probiotics, although the unsweetened version is much better. But who wants to eat yogurt without sweetener?

Also, homemade fermented foods are super rich in probiotics and will give you much more benefit than any supermarket yogurt.


Saurkraut is naturally rich in probiotics and it's easy to make.

Sadly, many younger people don't have a taste for healthy food like this, which was a staple food for our pioneers.

Learn how to make your own fermented foods and enjoy the health benefits of fermented foods. There are many fermented foods you can make - not just saurkraut. 

The Health Benefits of Fermented Foods Are Much More Than Just Better Digestion

Although many people are aware that probiotics are good for healthy digestion and are interested in foods containing probiotics, the health benefits of fermented foods goes way beyond just probiotics, in the ways they affect the body.

It's what the probiotics do in your digestion system that lays the groundwork for a high level of health and energy and significantly slowing the aging process.

A good level of friendly bacteria directly affects many things directly related to good health. There's not enough room or time to give all the details here but I will give you some of the very important parts of the probiotic story.

The medical profession has started to catch on to this too (finally) after years of natural practitioners saying how much probiotics can affect human health.

The medical profession is beginning to agree that a good level of probiotics is necessary for a strong immune system.

You need the right balance of nutrients to create a strong immune system.

The nutrients are maximized by a good level of probiotics and digestion and the strength of the immune system is directly related to the nutrition you receive. You cannot get maximum nutrition with a low level of probiotics in your system.

Some nutrients are also created directly in the digestive system. You cannot process food properly and extract all the nutrients if you have a low level of probiotics in your system.

With low probiotics, much of the food will then go through your system not being completely digested. All kinds of health problems are possible with incomplete digestion, although it may take years to show up. A bad smell after a bowel movement is one indication of incomplete digestion. Excessive gas is also an indication.

Here's another super important point. You need a good probiotic level in your gut to have a good hormone balance. Remember the synthetic hormones mentioned earlier. Every cell in your body is regulated by some type of hormone.

These hormones signal each cell when and what to do. Release insulin, control temperature, increase blood flow, take in nutrients, get rid of waste and much more than just sexual functions.

There is a hormone receptor on each cell in your body and the natural hormones on these receptors can be displaced by synthetic hormones. This can cause cell malfunction causing all kinds of problems. Some of these problems I mentioned above, but there can be many more.

Some hormone imbalance is common in people over 30 years of age and can be a hidden problem that causes all kinds of negative side effects - but never gets diagnosed properly.

So, there are many good health benefits of fermented foods due to them being rich in probiotics. And of course, using organic foods to make your probiotic foods makes them more powerful. Chemicals can kill off probiotics.

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