Best All Natural
Household Cleaners

The Best All Natural Household Cleaners are the ones that break down easily and have no negative environmental impact.

Although this is not a DIY project to make a household cleaner, this info is included on this page because this cleaner is an excellent product for a DIY house cleaning business and this is basically a DIY website.

I used it as an all-purpose cleaner for cleaning house interiors and it works great. It's an excellent product to use in your own home and if you want to start a DIY house cleaning service. This page will give you info on starting a house cleaning business.

Using natural cleaners that don't affect humans or animals negatively can save you money and your health. Don't call an expert - remove odors and stains yourself. Use this DIY cleaning solution for all your household cleaning needs.

Many people don't understand labeling and sometimes think the cleaning products they buy don't have any harmful ingredients.

But that's not true and here's how many companies put misleading statements on their cleaning product labels.

"Contains Natural Ingredients"

That statement only says the product contains natural ingredients. It doesn't say that all of the ingredients are natural. Many products will contain some environmentally friendly ingredients but also contain ingredients that are toxic.

You have to learn to read labels more accurately. Take a photo of labels with your phone and research any ingredients that you aren't sure of on the label.

Another common usage of words on labels is "contains no preservatives" but that doesn't mean it contains all good ingredients either.

Some ingredients that do sound bad are actually harmless but others may be harmful even though they don't sound too bad.

It's buyer beware when you buy any products, not just cleaning products.

PRODUCT TESTIMONIAL - many more testimonials on product page!

“It actually works as described. I put it on an area that has been stained for a couple of years. Used half and half dilution, saturated the stain and went to work. To my surprise, when I got home there was a clean spot. I’ve used MANY enzyme cleaners over the years and this one really does exactly what it says it will do.”

B. Curry

Best All Natural Household Cleaners

The accelerated dying off of bee colonies a few years ago was researched extensively.

Eventually, the conclusion was that chemicals were the culprit.

Planet earth would lose a lot of vegetation if there were no bees to help pollinate plants & this in turn would affect many animals negatively.

Breaking Down Stains & Odors Naturally

The best all natural household cleaners break down stains and odors with enzyme action, leaving harmless residue.

DIY natural stain and odor removal for your whole house!

Different types of stains have different causes and different types of enzymes naturally break down different types of stains. The stains are broken down into smaller molecules and flushed away.

Food stains, cosmetic stains, oily stains, pet stains and common household stains in areas such as tubs, toilets, stoves, fridges, countertops, rugs, flooring, clothes and bedding usually have stains that are easily removed with this enzymatic action.

You can save a lot of money too with DIY stain removal instead of getting others to do it.

Instead of dry cleaning, try spot cleaning it yourself. With spots on carpeting, spray the stained areas and let soak for 30 minutes., then wipe with a damp sponge. 

Spray stained areas on clothes, let them sit for 30 minutes and then either rinse the areas out or put them in the washing machine. Use warm or cool water because hot water can set stains.

Best All Natural Household Cleaners-2

Super concentrated natural household cleaner.

60 Day Money Back Product Guarantee! You can't lose!

One 8 ounce bottle of concentrate makes one gallon of cleaning solution.

NON-TOXIC, 100% chemical free, eco-friendly and plant derived. Household chemicals are the #1 cause of health problems, emergencies and death in homes.

Health Effects of Toxic Chemicals

Anyone who can read knows that there can be short and long term effects from harsh chemicals.

Cancer is a well known effect and many chemicals are linked to this disease.

However, another common side effect of chemicals is known well to scientists but has not yet caught on in the mainstream media, so it's not common knowledge.

I am speaking of xeno-estrogens. Xeno-estrogens are chemicals that affect the hormone activity in our bodies. Many of the chemicals used today are in that category.

These chemicals mimic hormones and sometimes these xeno-estrogens are called fake hormones. These fake hormones displace the real hormones in our bodies and can cause all kinds of problems.

Because hormones regulate every type of bio-activity that occurs in our body, there are short term and long term negative effects.

Hormones control all our cell activity. Taking in nutrients, getting rid of waste, controlling temperature, controlling growth and controlling functions such as regulating blood sugar (insulin) and healing are just some examples of the importance of hormone activity.

Chemicals that interfere with this can cause all kinds of problems. Much of the time the trouble starts in reproductive system. Manboobs, beer belly. prostate trouble, infertility, irregular periods, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, etc.

As the years go by, more problems can develop with circulation (varicose veins are one example), muscles, tendons, digestion. Hormone imbalance is also a cause of hair loss in men and women, which is becoming more common than a couple generations ago.

This isn't the place to get deep into health details, but I wanted give you an idea how chemicals can affect you in ways that your doctor never thinks to diagnose and why it's another powerful reason to get away from chemicals.

Health Is The Most Important Reason to Use The Best All Natural Household Cleaners Available

Health is one of the best reasons to go natural and using the best all natural household cleaners can have a huge long term positive impact on your health.

Chemicals are like cigarettes - a little bit of chemicals might not noticeably harm you, but being in constant contact with harsh chemicals can lead to long term health problems that no one connects to the real cause.

So, even if saving the planet isn't something you think about too much, maybe your own health is important enough for you to do things differently.

The specific product I am referring to is a concentrated solution that is 100% chemical free and can eliminate organic stains in minutes. It's a great DIY cleaning solution for your whole house.

DIY Bathroom Cleaner - Clean and disinfect without harsh chemicals.

DIY carpet cleaning - remove stains instead of hiring someone to do it.

DIY stain removal from fabrics - clothes, bedding, towels, curtains, etc.

DIY odor removal.  Natural urine cleaner for people and pets. The enzymatic action of this cleaner also works great for eliminating odors!

An all purpose cleaner for your whole house and the best all natural household cleaner you will find.

A true all-purpose natural cleaner.


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