Build Your Own Shed

Build your own shed with step by step plans. Over 12,000 designs and sizes to choose from.

Easy to follow plans even if you are a complete beginner. You don't need to have experience at reading blueprints and there is a complete material list for every set of shed building plans. Plans include 3D color drawings too. 

There are many happy customer testimonials too for this package.

Many Different Styles to Choose From

There are many shed styles for you to choose from and that includes many different rood styles too. Hip roofs, gambrel, simple sloped roof, bonnet style, saltbox style, pyramid style and gable style roofs.

Build a higher quality shed for less money than your local lumberyard - a shed that adds character to your yard.

Many of the shed packages sold at local dealerships are some sort of vinyl or thin metal (aluminum) and don't have much structural strength.

Good enough for parking your lawn mower but if you want a high quality shed that will last a lifetime, you can build your own shed that is much higher quality than the packages sold at your local lumberyard. 

If you did get them to build a shed for you, a good wood one would cost you a couple thousand dollars. You can build your own shed for much less than that.

The cheap metal sheds they sell also dent very easily and usually don't look too good after a few years. Also, if you build your own shed, you can also insulate it if needed for heated storage, a cold storage room or for a work shop.


Here's a 3D cutaway of a shed.

All the plans include conventional and 3D views of the project. 

Measurement and materials list included.

Setting Your Foundation

In most cases, a smaller shed doesn’t have to rest on deep concrete footings.  Depending on the size of your shed, you'll need two or three parallel supports a little longer than the length your shed will be. If your shed will be more than 6 feet wide you should use 3 floor supports.

Place treated 6x6s on top of the blocks and that is all you need in areas with well-drained soil. Level and square the 6x6s and you’re ready to build and set your floor on top.

Another simple foundation that many use is concrete blocks to get their shed a little higher off the ground. This helps to keep burrowing animals away. Just place the concrete blocks on the ground and then the 6x6s on top and level things off.

For a shed floor that’s strong and long-lasting , concrete is the best. If you pour the slab yourself, the price is comparable to building a wood floor. 

It's more involved to pour concrete footings but it might be the best way to go if you are building a bigger shed and using it for a garage or workshop. It's ideal for a garage because building your footings 6"-12" inches above the grade lets you use a water hose to wash your concrete floor without soaking and rotting the bottom of your walls.


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Here's a photo of a finished shed built from one of the plans in this package.

Much more attractive than the ready to go models at most lumberyard supply stores and much better quality too.

If you build your own shed, you can build a beautiful shed exactly the way you want it to look.

Building Your Shed On Sloped Ground

If your shed site is sloped, pouring concrete is a bigger job because you have to build strong forms and pour extra concrete on the downhill side. You can do that but a simpler method is to build your shed floor like a deck, with posts and a wood deck on top of the posts.

Using treated lumber for your support posts will make them last a lot longer too.

Use a post auger and drill holes so at least 3 feet of post will be in the ground. Then insert your posts and either use soil or quick-set concrete to fill around the posts. 

Also, for any shed you build, make sure to measure your walls diagonally at the top and bottom of your walls to make sure your measurements are accurate and your shed will be close to perfectly square.

That means you should make sure your floor is level and square first before you start building any walls. A square shed can make any interior finishing much easier too, including installing benches, cabinets, etc.

Choose from the thousands of designs included in this package and build your own shed. And remember, it's not only sheds. You can build larger buildings too for garages, workshops, etc.

Step by step instructions and measurements and a complete material list for each shed plan will give you a high quality shed. This DIY shed package comes with a satisfaction, money back guarantee included too.


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