DIY CNC Wood Router

Build your own CNC Wood router with easy to follow written instruction book, a 3D app for viewing different angles of the construction plus many hours of instructional videos that are included.

Even beginners can make beautiful, intricate items. Start a sideline making  gifts and items for sale. You'll never be short of gift ideas with this machine!

Save thousands of dollars by building it in your own workshop and make beautiful, small decorative items and gifts or make larger items such as engraved kitchen cabinets.

Controlled by your computer using a program that tells the machine exactly what to carve in the wood you can make beautiful items in minutes. You can also carve other soft materials such as plexiglass.

Design templates can also be purchased with this package. Upload a design and go to it or you can also make your own designs if you are the creative type. 

What is A DIY CNC Wood Router?

Basically, it’s a computer-controlled router that is mounted on a handmade table, in this case. When everything is set up, the router can move on a horizontal and a vertical axis across the surface and can copy and cut any pattern that you want into a piece of wood. 

The design is selected by you on your computer and through a program on your computer, this design controls the vertical and horizontal movement of the movable router on the fixed router table. So, your design is copied into the wood or whatever material you are using, since the router can also cut other softer materials such as plexiglass.

Until this DIY wood router package came along, you had no choice. You had to buy a commercially available unit and a high quality unit can cost thousands of dollars. This unit is as precise as you will ever need and can cut to 1/1000 of an inch accuracy.

That's much more accurate than you need for any woodworking projects.

A DIY CNC Wood Router That Can Handle
Big & Small Projects


Here's what a finished CNC wood router looks like when using the DIY plans on this site to build it.

A DIY project that can help you to build many, many more DIY projects in your own shop.

Complete parts list and step by step assembly plans. Stop the videos and go back if you want to view something again.

Making beautiful wood carvings, large or small, has never been so easy!

Build your own DIY wood carving machine that can make the most intricate wood patterns and designs and create gifts and personal items that everyone will treasure because they're one of a kind and higher quality than any store bought wood items.

Even take existing wood projects and add creative designs to them.

No worries about inaccurate movements by hand or making a mistake while carving. You'll get machine perfection in your wood carvings all the time since it can cut within 1/1000 of an inch accuracy.

Create intricate designs that even the most skilled woodcrafter wouldn’t be able to do. Just place your piece of wood on the cutting table and press a few buttons on your computer. Then you stand back and let your DIY wood router work its magic and the results will seem like magic.


Lazy Susan Tower

Here's a sample of the type of crafts you can make with your own DIY CNC wood router. You're limited only by your own imagination in the designs and carvings you can create. 

Yes, you can build a CNC wood carving machine from easily available parts you can source and buy locally or online.

Much cheaper than buying a CNC machine and you can make it to handle much larger projects than most commercial machines too!

Build Bigger Projects With the
XXL Package

Build almost any bigger home project with the add-on package which allows you to tackle projects like a King-size bed or dining room table, kitchen cabinets and entry doors.

There is also a template option to start you out. Upload the templates and choose your first woodworking projects. Once you have made a few projects, you will probably want to set up your own designs. Then you will be making items that are all your own. No one else will have designs exactly like yours and friends, relatives and customers will love them.

Personalized gifts and items are the most popular of all and you can make them for people you know or make a good income making personalized gifts for others.

Once you make a few personalized or custom items, word will get around and you'll be getting more and more requests for these projects. People love personalized and custom made items that they can't get from a store.

Building this woodcarving machine will give you a lot of satisfaction but it doesn't stop there. You'll get the same feeling of satisfaction every time you create a new project for yourself, or someone else, on this magic machine.

If you want to create something that can give back to you a thousandfold, this is what you need.

The DIY CNC Woodcarving Machine!


Here's another example of what you can create with this woodworking machine. A completed kitchen rack that hasn't yet had a finish applied.

This is where beginner woodworking projects can turn out looking like advanced woodworking projects.

Can you imagine how much easier and faster and more accurate it is for you to create this design with a CNC woodcarving machine versus using a hand router? A machine that you can build?


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