DIY Arts and Crafts

DIY arts and crafts projects for your home and yard.

How to make natural candles, how to make hand soap, and other body products and many more items to be added.

Also, how to write and publish an Ebook.

In addition, many of the DIY projects on this site can be used for a DIY home business. Here's a good example.

Check back regularly to see what's added to our DIY arts and crafts projects section.

I will continually add to this section as I find more opportunities for my website visitors.

There are more total categories than I could put on this website, but if you have personal experience and/or knowledge of certain crafts, projects or methods of accomplishing something, contact me and maybe we can make arrangements to put your information on this site.

Food, gadgets, unique wood, fabric or metal designs, how to information - the DIY arts and crafts category is huge and a lot of people have unique knowledge and/or abilities that can make them extra cash.

I have a lot of experience writing and have also previously published and sold books, so there will also be information soon on writing and publishing your own Ebook or short report, if that's something you're interested in.

DIY arts and crafts information and be put into short reports, courses and books depending on your personal preferences and how much information is to be presented.

Also, if you know of someone else who may have some DIY arts and crafts experience or knowledge, please tell them to contact me if they are interested.

Use the contact form on the right side if you have any questions about this subject.

DIY Arts and Crafts As Hobbies or  
A Home-Based Businesses

Maybe you just want to create DIY arts and crafts as a hobby or maybe you would like to start a home based business. Or maybe both!

Maybe you just want to make things part time or maybe turn your hobby or passion into a full time business and make your living that way.

The choice is yours but the good thing about DIY arts and crafts is that you can make money, enjoy what you are doing and do it from home. 

How many people can say that they are doing that?

Less stress, work at your own pace and make a good living. That's almost every working person's dream!

Hidden Talent

Many people don't even realize that they know things that other people would like to know.

My mother was a good example of that.

The generation she grew up in learned how to do a lot of things for themselves because they had no choice.

She sewed many of her own clothes and also, like a lot of ladies of her generation, she could make just about anything on a regular restaurant menu.

My sisters grew up learning the same things and a good example of something they did is canning food. It's a topic that gets a lot of searches online, so that means people want to know more about it.

Something most people don't eat nowadays is sauerkraut. A lot of families ( and ours) ate it when I was growing up. One of the best probiotics the world and my mother made a big crock of it every fall during harvest.

It's easy to make and super healthy.

A lot of people don't think of this as being in the DIY arts and crafts category, but these old skills are an art form. Art forms because they ended up being created from methods that began hundreds of years ago and were perfected over time.

Other people are definitely interested in learning many of things that other people know.

Sell DIY Arts and Crafts Locally

People love handcrafted items and will buy them if the price is reasonable.

But what I sometimes see with handcrafted items is a price way to high or a price way to low.

You may need to experiment some but making your craft making business as efficient as possible is one thing a lot of people don't do well.

The too low price is also not good. Don't be a slave and feel guilty about charging enough for your crafts or information, that you are almost working for free.

Everyone deserves a good return on their efforts.

Marketing Your DIY Arts and Crafts

Marketing their crafts is also something many people don't do effectively.

Word of mouth is the best advertising, but if you're more serious about getting your business off the ground, you need to be open to some type of advertising.

Local fairs or trades shows are an example of this. You can sell goods and give out advertising literature at the same time. Display ads, classified ads - you have to sit down and think about what's available to you.

A website is also a necessity nowadays. Instead of people constantly contacting you and asking questions, a website can help you to do that and also help you to reach customers you would never have found otherwise.

Getting your business off and running may take some effort, but it's like a snowball rolling downhill. If people like your products and prices, other people tell more people and it grows constantly.

Then one day you look back and say - I DID IT!


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