DIY Chicken Coops

DIY chicken coops - many easy to build plans available for the design you want and number of chickens you want to raise, including chicken coops on wheels. Simple easy to build color plans designed with beginners in mind.

Build a chicken coop for half the price of buying one and have better quality and design too. Then get ready for delicious, nutritious organic eggs and have the bonus of natural fertilizer for your lawn or garden too.

You want features such as easy egg collection and an easy to clean chicken coop. Build coops for from 4 to 25 chickens and add a free range feature to any of the coops if you want to.

You'll also get advice on the most economical materials to build your chicken coop, building nesting boxes and controlling temperature. You also need to know how to prevent rotting from dampness and provide good ventilation. You want to avoid the bottom rotting out too!

These DIY chicken coops take all of the important features into account so you just have to follow the simple instructions and plans and you won't have to  worry about what you will end up with when your chicken coop project is finished.


Check this page out for all the info you need to begin raising chickens.

Guide to Raising Chickens.

Easy to Follow Color Chicken Coop Plans, Measurements & Materials List

People often try to build a coop with either no plans or poor plans and wind up having to redo things to correct their own mistakes and errors which can cost more money! 

Things like a good feeding system, the best feed and good temperature control are essential for your hens to achieve their best egg production.

You don't have to worry about something being forgotten or doing something over again with these easy to read, full color plans showing all the details and measurements and if you only want to keep a few chickens, a mobile coop may best your best choice. 

A portable chicken coop is also great for giving your chickens new pecking areas regularly.

You can save even more money by using recycled or salvaged materials too.

Below is a picture of a larger, stationary chicken coop.

If you have the space, you could also add a larger fenced in area for daytime roaming for your chickens.


Chicken Tractors

A chicken tractor is by far the simplest of ways to build a chicken coop if you're only keeping a few chickens. A chicken tractor is a chicken coop that can easily be moved around your yard or garden by one person. In the U.K. they are known as chicken arks however in the U.S. they are more commonly known as chicken tractors.

The idea behind a chicken tractor is that there is no bottom so that the chickens can scratch around on the ground for bugs, worms and minerals while they fertilize the ground with their droppings.

This is very healthy not only for your chickens but since their droppings are very high in nitrogen it is also a great organic fertilizer for your yard or garden.

With a chicken tractor you also have to set it up so the chickens can have sun or shade when they need it. So part of the roof should be open and part of it shaded. You can also put some small wheels on it to make it easier to move.

A chicken tractor can be the cheapest way to build your chicken coop if you only want to keep a few chickens but remember also, depending on your climate, you may need something bigger that you can insulate and heat.


Here's an example of a mobile chicken coop. Note the small wheels at the back.

You could put larger wheels to make it easier to move or also put adjustable wheels that can move up and down vertically at the front end.

Then you would have 4 wheels that would make it much easier to move and you could move larger coops easily.

What Type of Chickens Do You Want?

The type of chickens you will raise will also affect the type of DIY chicken coops you can build because different breeds have different needs.

For example, egg layers will give you a large number of eggs so this means you need nesting boxes. They are also clean-legged and this means they can withstand wet conditions.

Another consideration is how many eggs do you want per week? if you want 30 eggs a week you simply divide by 5, which means you will need 6 chickens. A good egg laying chicken breed will give you 5 to 7 eggs a week. Taking the lower number gives you a little room to make sure you will have enough eggs.

Maybe you even want to have extra eggs to sell? When others find out about your organic eggs, you won't have any trouble selling them.

On the other hand, the chickens you raise for meat are called table breeds and they are not as active as the layer breed. This means they can live in smaller spaces.

Cleaning up chicken manure will be one of your daily responsibilities too so ease of cleaning should be kept in mind when designing your hen house. Sloping the floor a little will help a lot for cleaning.


More examples above of styles of DIY chicken coops that you can build. Put wheels under the smaller coops and you can easily move it wherever you want to and give your chickens a new area each day.

Sizing Your DIY Chicken Coops

When you know the number of chickens you need you can work out the size of your chicken house. It is recommended that you provide 3 to 4 square feet per chicken.

Do not skimp on space. If chickens feel crowded their egg laying goes down.

In addition chickens also need a yard to play in. So  add an additional outdoor area onto the enclosed chicken house.  You should have 8 to 10 sq. ft per chicken for this.

The plans for DIY chicken coops that we offer take into account all of these features. So, you just have to choose the plan that suits your situation and build your chicken coop following the easy to follow measurements and instructions. 

Then you know you will have a fully functional chicken coop built for an optimum chicken and egg raising environment.

Cheaper than buying a chicken coop, better quality and most importantly, all the features you and your chickens will need. 


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