DIY Hardwood Floor Refinishing

DIY Hardwood Floor Refinishing - Advice from a pro so you end up with a professional looking job. Simple mistakes can ruin your finish.

Take advice from someone with years of on-the-job experience so you know each step you need to take and how to do each step the right way. What machines you need, the tools you should have, how to use the tools and the best finishes to use so you end up with a hardwood floor that looks like it was done by professionals.

Also, hiring someone else to do it does not guarantee that you will get a hardwood floor restoration that you are pleased with. Soke don't have the knowledge they should have and others are in a hurry to get a paycheck and head over to the next job.

Also note that the quality of older hardwood floors is much better than newer versions. Hardwood tree farms grow trees too fast and harvest them too young for optimum strength and beautiful wood grain appearance.

For these reasons, old hardwood floors are also much harder. Old hardwood was cut from trees that were many decades old.

Nowadays these harvested hardwood trees are grown through genetically modified seeds, reaching maturity in a few years instead of decades. That fast growth shows in the lower quality of wood that they produce.


Here's an example of a worn hard floor that should have been refinished a lot sooner. You shouldn't let it go this far before refinishing, especially when a good finish can last for many years.

Save A Lot of Money by Doing It Yourself

You can save a lot of money too by doing your own hardwood floor refinishing.

Refinishing an average size hardwood floor can cost $4000-$5000 versus a couple hundred dollars by doing it yourself. Tool rental, some hand tools and the material for finishing is all you need.

Having a new hardwood floor installed can cost you over $12,000 and the quality of the wood won't be nearly as good as an older floor.

If you are building a home that you want to install a hardwood floor in, it would be best to salvage a floor from an older home and in some cities, there are places that salvage home building items and fixtures. You may be able to find such a place near you and get a bargain on some used hardwood flooring.

An older hardwood floor also looks a lot nicer and also appears as a lot higher quality than the newer versions of hardwood flooring.


Here's what you want your DIY hardwood floor refinishing job to look like when you are done.

A hardwood floor can add a lot of value and beauty to your home.

You can add a few thousand dollars of value to your home too by just spending a couple hundred dollars for refinishing equipment and material.

Steps to DIY hardwood Floor Refinishing

This DIY hardwood floor refinishing guide includes the following DIY information and this information also includes seeing refinishing work done before your eyes with an instructional video.

  1. Sanding, buffing & cleaning - the right machines and the right sanding materials to use and tool rental places all have these machines.
  2. Repairing hardwood floors to fix any damaged areas so your finish looks near perfect when it's finished.
  3. Different woods can react to finishes in different ways. How to stain and even change the color of your hardwood floor if you wish. 
  4. The different types of hardwood and how to approach refinishing hardwood floors of each type.
  5. Dealing with uneven floors.
  6. Refinishing parquet floors.
  7. How to deal with cupped hardwood flooring.
  8. How to lacquer or oil a hardwood floor.
  9. Instructional video - watch as a refinishing job is being done.

And of course, make sure your floor is super clean before applying any finish because little specks of sanding dust or other materials will show right away when the light shines over your floor.

Most large sanding machines also have dust capture. A bag attached to the machine or a place to attach a vacuum hose. A vacuum is the best method but you have to check once in a while and make sure your vacuum filter isn't  plugged.

The Refinished Hardwood Floor

When you are finished you will get a lot of comments and you will probably get others asking you to help them with their hardwood floor refinishing. People always notice hardwood floors when they enter a home, and they notice the condition of the finish right away.

Save money and time and do it the right way!

You can also find info on hardwood floor refinishing online but be careful. This DIY Hardwood Floor Refinishing Guide was prepared by someone who has worked in the profession for years. A lot of information is written by people who have done one home job and others who have just copied and regurgitated information that may not be accurate.


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