Detect Hidden Cameras

Detect hidden cameras, microphones and GPS devices.

The rise of sophisticated surveillance technology has ignited privacy concerns for ordinary people, especially, travellers, Airbnb users, hotel guests, and DIY home security enthusiasts.

A DIY electronic bug detection device that can locate and give warning of hidden cameras, microphones, and GPS devices may seem like something out of a spy novel, but is a necessity in today's world.

Our DIY RF detection device is a portable handheld unit, designed to be user friendly with simplistic hand operation. It can be carried anywhere for on-the-spot detection of any suspicious devices. 


Detect hidden cameras, hidden microphones and GPS devices.

LED and Audible warning system.

Push button operation.

Detect Hidden Cameras,
Microphones & GPS Devices

Notably, the device is designed with a clear LED display that visualizes the strength of detected signals, highlighting the presence of any hidden surveillance gears. Accompanied by audio alerts, the user is promptly warned about potential threats.

Our device leads the way in helping to detect hidden cameras - a concern particularly for Airbnb customers and hotel guests. These unwanted intrusions into personal space can now be easily identified and nullified, thus empowering users to uphold their privacy.

Beyond just cameras, the device is equally equipped to detect hidden microphones. This is especially relevant in locker rooms, schools, and office buildings where private conversations could potentially be monitored unbeknownst to the people involved.

In addition, there is a GPS bug detector to detect GPS tracking devices. This is vital for travellers or any person concerned about being tracked. This feature adds another layer of security, giving users peace of mind as they go about their daily routine or during travels.

Covers All Common Frequencies

Covering a broad frequency range, our device efficiently spots 1.2G to 6.5G wireless camera signals. This ensures a comprehensive sweep of potential hidden cameras across various frequencies.

Additionally, it detects 2G/3G/4G signals from other devices, making it a perfect tool to identify unauthorized, planted devices. This wide range of detection capability maximizes your chances of locating any hidden device.

Targeted towards privacy-conscious individuals, our device makes it easy for DIY home security enthusiasts to bolster the safety of their homes. It's an ideal tool for those looking to take control of their privacy concerns and safeguard their homes.


State of the Art Camera, Microphone & GPS detection in a hand held unit.

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Great for Home Security Too
As Well As for Travelling!

The implications of this technology are vast for security personnel too. Having such a handheld device empowers them to effectively sweep areas for potential threats, making their jobs more efficient and reliable.

National and global travel has become commonplace now. With our device, travellers can secure their own peace of mind by regularly checking their hotel rooms or Airbnb stays for hidden surveillance gears.

For concerned parents worried about their children's privacy in schools or other public places, the RF detection device can be a game-changer. Regular inspections can ensure their children's privacy is not compromised.

Understanding the importance of ease of use, we've designed our detector in a way that even those who aren't tech-savvy can use it. Swiftly find and buy a bug detector that suits your needs and secures your personal or professional space.

Is a hidden camera recording you from the smoke detector over your bed?

Could it be in the electrical outlet in your bathroom?

How about the lamp or clock radio?

Buy Bug Detector

Airbnb has become notorious for these types of incidents in addition to other public places such as locker rooms and washrooms.

Protect yourself with a professional electronic bug detector.

Hand Held & Ultra-Portable

Ultra portable - take it with you anywhere. Hand size means it won't take up any noticeable space in the rest of your travel gear.

The heart of our mission is to address the privacy concerns of ordinary people. With our innovative RF detection device, we aim to put the power back in the hands of individuals, empowering them to protect their privacy actively.

Everyone wants to feel secure about their privacy, whether in their homes, offices or during travels. This device is a significant stride towards making that vision a reality for ordinary people.

With our RF detection device, you're not merely buying a gadget – you're investing in peace of mind.

We understand the need to continuously adapt and improve our products in response to evolving technologies. We are committed to enhancing our detection capabilities and sustaining our customer trust. As technology advances, so will our products.

Besides the durable build quality, our device boasts affordability without compromising efficacy. We believe that security and privacy shouldn't be a luxury but a right that should be accessible by all and not just affordable by the wealthy.

In conclusion, whether you're an Airbnb guest, a frequent traveller, a parent, or security personnel, our RF detection device caters to your privacy needs.

Let us shoulder your privacy concerns while you focus on living an uncompromised life, free from unwanted surveillance. Make that simple step today: buy our professional quality bug detector and take control of your privacy.


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