Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Grow Your Own Mushrooms. A professional guide to mushroom growing at home.

Mushrooms are very healthy and medicinal as well as adding great flavor to many different dishes. It's easy to grow them organically too.

Most people don't realize that most commercial mushrooms are full of chemicals. Mushrooms are absorbent like sponges and can retain a lot of the chemicals sprayed on them.

Mushrooms are very expensive in the supermarkets and you can grow them for a fraction of the price in the store. It's actually very easy to grow your own mushrooms and you can do it indoors too.

It's also a low investment in materials to start out. Common materials from your local building store are all you need to grow mushrooms and you can probably get all your materials for less than $125. 

Here's a quote from Wikipedia

“Pesticides may cause acute and delayed health effects in those who are exposed. Pesticide exposure can cause a variety of adverse health effects. These effects can range from simple irritation of the skin and eyes to more severe effects, such as affecting the nervous system, mimicking hormones causing reproductive problems, and also causing cancer. A 2007 systematic review found that "most studies on non-Hodgkin lymphoma and leukemia showed positive associations with pesticide exposure" and thus concluded that cosmetic use of pesticides should be decreased. Strong evidence also exists for other negative outcomes from pesticide exposure including neurological, birth defects, fetal death, and neurodevelopmental disorders.”


Organic, home grown mushrooms are much tastier and cheaper than the ones in the supermarket.

They are very easy to grow too.

Grow Your Own Mushrooms.

Grow Your Own Mushrooms Home Business

Because mushrooms are easy to grow and you will likely have more than you need, you may also want to start selling them.

When others discover you are selling organic mushrooms cheaper than  supermarkets that are selling non-organic mushrooms, you may want to start your own little mushroom home business and make some extra cash.

DIY mushroom growing can be very profitable and because organic mushrooms are much tastier, once you make a sale, that customer will likely come back for more, so you can end up with a lot of repeat business which will cost you zero dollars in advertising. 

Each Step to Grow Your Own Mushrooms is Laid Out, From Setting Up Grow Containers to Doing Proper Harvesting

This mushroom growing guide has over 150 pages of information and shows you the different methods of growing mushrooms. You can make assemble your own growing containers from easily available materials and do it in a couple of hours.

You'll learn different methods to start your mushrooms since you don't plant seeds like other garden produce You also learn how to maintain the right growing environment (temperature and humidity) and the right harvesting techniques as well as ways to increase the size and potency of your mushroom crops.

The mushroom growing guide also has instructional videos, so you can see exactly how all of the mushroom gardening techniques are applied from start to finish.

Every step is explained in detail in the manual for each phase required for your mushroom growing operation. Setting up your mushroom growing operation (the material required), the best growth medium to use, starting new mushroom growth, the growing stage and then the best way to do the harvesting phase.

You also learn super simple ways to set up your grow containers and only very basic tools are required for this. You can think about having fancy  custom containers later, if you want to take your mushroom growing operation further and bigger.

This DIY mushroom guide has all the info you need to start right away and it's simple to set up.

At the beginning, just keep it simple and learn the easiest and cheapest ways to do the growing techniques.


Mushrooms are a  great taste addition to almost any type of dishes.

They are also very healthy and and are used in many natural remedies for their medicinal qualities.

Setup for Growing Mushrooms

The supplies needed for your mushroom growing operation are also very simple, common items and anything you don't have is available from your local building supply or gardening store.

The total cost for your supplies will probably be cheaper than any other hobby or skill you could try to learn.

You only need a small space too to set things up for starting your growing operation.

You'll find it all laid out for you in the mushroom growing guide from start to finish.

You'll get mushroom growing tips too to make your crops grow faster and bigger.

For example, using an organic growing medium can make your crops grow faster and bigger because the chemicals in regular growing medium can interfere with mushroom growth. Beginning stages of mushroom growth are very sensitive to chemicals and preservatives.

You'll also find out about a great source for obtaining the spores you  need to start your mushrooms too.

Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Grow organic, tasty mushrooms for yourself or start a simple home business and make extra cash. Mushrooms can also be easily dried and stored, retaining their high nutritional qualities for years. Another good survival food and mushrooms can be used for medicinal purposes too.

The methods laid out in this guide are good for any type of mushrooms you want to grow.

This mushroom growing guide comes with a 60 day, satisfaction, money back guarantee too. If you're not happy with the guide, you can get a full refund.

Grow Mushrooms at Home


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