Home Heating Solutions

The best home heating solutions are simple in operation. I have seen a lot of different methods and the one I am going to show you can save you a lot of money and help the planet at the same time.

The home heating system I am talking about is much more efficient and cheaper to operate than any conventional type heater.

This system doesn't just produce heat but stores it too so you get constant heat instead of up and down fluctuations like other systems.

How to Test The Efficiency of
Home Heating Methods

One good test for the efficiency of any heating system is the temperature of the exhaust. That is one of the best measurements of efficiency. If you can put your hand over the exhaust chimney (don't burn your hand) and the stove is heating your home the way you want it to, you know the heater is doing a good job.

A lot of heat going up the chimney means a lot of heat and fuel wasted and an inefficient heating system.

Another point the everyone notices is how much fuel the heater uses. If you're using gas or oil, you of course notice it on your monthly bill. If you heat with wood, you can see your woodpile get smaller.

No matter what type of fuel you use, you definitely notice it when your fuel consumption goes way down.

Another measure of efficiency is what goes up your chimney in addition to some heat. Higher burning temperatures result in more complete burning of fuel which also increases efficiency.

That's why the most the most efficient home heating solutions burn the fuel at high temperatures and use a method to store the heat.

Home Heating Solutions Should Be
Easy to Build & Maintain

The best home heating solutions should be easy to maintain yourself and if you are a do-it-yourselfer the system should also be easy to build and install.

The satisfaction of building and/or installing your own system is a great feeling and even better when added to the satisfaction of low fuel bills and consumption.

Also, any DIY home heating Project should be made from easy to get materials. Materials that aren't super expensive with simple plans that are easy to read and follow.

List of Advantages of
This Home Heating System

This system is usually referred to as a Rocket Mass Heating System

  1. Rocket mass heaters use wood as fuel.
  2.  You can adapt and change the heating system according to your needs and wants.
  3.  Cheaper and cleaner to use than a natural gas heater and natural gas is considered to be very clean burning.
  4.  Can be completely DIY (Do-It-Yourself).
  5.  Mass heaters are more efficient than any other type of heater. 
  6.  The technology is old - it's just making a comeback due to environmental and cost concerns regarding other types of fuels and heaters. It's actually very simple in principle and design. 

Why It's The Most Efficient of
All Home Heating Solutions


Here's a simple illustration of a mass heater. The fuel feed can also be modified to feed from the side instead of vertically.

Most people assume that wood cannot burn more efficiently than natural gas but there are two reasons that it can.

First, the wood is burned at maximum heat which eliminates most pollutants. Most pollutants are caused by incomplete burning.

Also, the metal in modern furnaces is too thin to take exceptionally high temperatures. Modern furnaces are of very light construction. They just can't take exceptionally high temperatures. Like most things we buy now, they are made just good enough to do the job which means borderline quality.

Modern furnaces could be made more efficient but the heavier construction would drive up the cost of buying and the cost of installing.

The materials used to construct a Rocket Home Heating System can withstand the high heat and the high temperatures is what eliminates most of the pollutants caused by the burning fuel. It's a much more complete burning cycle so it's much more efficient.

Also, the Rocket Home Heating System stores heat. This isn't a new concept either, but this system stores the heat with natural materials.

The most commonly used materials are stone, clay, sand and water but you can use just about anything that will store heat.

When used this way, the materials are called cob material.

The Heat Storage & Release System


Here's a sample of a homebuilt rocket mass heater. You can see that the possibilities for your own design are pretty well endless. You can build it out of an old metal barrel or get fancy and make it out of stainless steel or even some old heavy metal that is cylindrical such as an large metal tank type container.

When the exhaust runs through the cob mass, the mass absorbs the extremely high heat. This heat is slowly released over the course of a few days.

This enables the Rocket Mass Heaters to continue heating a space for quite a while after the fire has stopped. This drastically reduces the amount of wood needed to sustain your home.

Some people have heated their home for years at a time using only dead yard debris and pieces of scrap wood, eliminating hundreds of dollars in heating costs over a year.

Burning fuel at exceptionally high heat plus storing heat gives you an almost pollution free home heating system. It's mostly steam and CO2 that go out the exhaust.

Also, depending on your experience and what you can access locally, these heaters usually cost between $200-$600 to build.

Order your plans today and in a few days you could have your complete, new DIY home heating system ready to go.

The plans come with a money back satisfaction guarantee!


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