Homesteading Information

Homesteading info can improve your situation no matter where you live even if you don't have a big piece of land to build your own homestead. Many projects can be done in your yard or home in the city.

This simpler, lower cost lifestyle information covers the spectrum, with resources for gardening, food preservation, farming, soil health, beekeeping, rainwater harvesting, animal husbandry, building, welding, rocket mass heaters, and much more DIY projects of all kinds.

This Homesteading content is from some of the most trusted names in homestead lifestyle information and projects.


Samples of Homesteading Info
Contained in These Guides

  1. From Home To Small Town Homestead, tells the story of how one family turned their home on a tenth-acre city lot into a well-functioning, beautiful homestead. In these pages, you will discover the steps that can help you to transform your home on any size property into a dream homestead.
  2. 3 issues of Tiny House Magazine: Enjoy 3 issues of Tiny House magazine, exploring all aspects of living in all kinds of small and often unconventional homes.
  3. A 30-minute video detailing how to attract pollinators to your garden, and keep them coming back, through the planting of flowers, bushes and trees.
  4. Make your own simple cleaners with Raven's practical recipes and advice on cleaning with non-toxic ingredients.
  5. Organic farming in this comprehensive ebook showing how to use your time effectively and become a high-performance gardener.
  6. Companion planting guide - how to plant your garden, what plants work well together.
  7. Hands On Agronomy - A video workshop by a soil fertility consultant.
  8. Choosing your homestead cookware ebook. You want it to perform and last!
  9. Harvesting Rainwater ebook.
  10. Self Heated Greenhouse Plans
  11. Raising Chickens ebook. How to feed and care for your chickens and how to build a no-shoveling poop system.
  12. An ebook on basic welding.
  13.  And much more than we have mentioned above.

Buy your homesteading info bundle and start learning the homesteading skills you need to know to make it work. Cut your learning curve and save loads of time with this bundle.

Homesteading & Permaculture

Learn how to integrate all your homesteading ideas and plans so all the parts of your operation work smoothly together. Incorporate your ideas, plans and designs for your homestead around basic scientific and engineering principles.

This will give you maximum efficiency and a lasting foundation that can easily be added to or changed in the future.

There are two parts to this course. You can get them separately or together.

A permaculture course and an appropriate technologies course. Most people who want to homestead aren't much interested in technology but some basic, easy to understand design and building skills can help you immensely in designing an efficient homestead.

Lots of good, easy to understand information in the courses and this includes many hours of video instruction. 100 hours of video in the permaculture part and 77 hours of video in the technologies part.

What You Can Do With This
Permaculture Course

Examples of what you will learn to build with this permaculture course.

Food Dehydrator - Use the power of the sun and a novel air flow system to dry much more food than with any conventional electric dehydration system on the market and do it much more economically.

A Haybox Cooker (or retained heat cooking) - Haybox or retained heat cooking means cooking a liquid based food like a soup or stew in it's own heat. During WWII cooking oil was rationed and this method became popular as a way to conserve cooking fuel.

Simply described, hay in a box was used because the air spaces in the hay trapped in heat and allowed the soup or stew to cook in it's own heat.

Things like hay, straw, shredded news paper, rice hulls, cotton balls, corn husks etc. will work as long as it packs loose and creates air spaces. It's basically using natural materials as a type of insulation to hold in the heat.

BioSand Water Filter - Biosand filters can remove pathogens and solids from water using biological and physical processes that take place in a sand column covered with a biofilm.

BSFs have been shown to remove heavy metals, turbidity, bacteria, viruses and protozoa.[1][2] BSFs also reduce discoloration, odor and unpleasant taste. Because of their effectiveness, ease of use, and lack of recurring costs, biosand filters are often considered appropriate in developing countries. 

Rocket Water Heater - On this page, Home Heating Solutions, you will see a super efficient way to heat your home (or other buildings) and this information is about using the same heating concept for all your hot water needs. Another cheaper and simpler Do-It-Yourself home project that can save you money and make your homestead more efficient.

Johnson Style Air Well -  An air well is a device that collects water through the condensation of moisture from air. There are different designs, but the simplest designs are completely passive, which means you don't have to supply any external energy to make them work and they have few or no moving parts.


Old style windmill used in the US and Canada for power generation and pumping water. 

Although more efficient designs are available today, it's still a dependable and cheap way to pump water or generate electricity.


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