How to Build A Boat

How to Build A Boat - There are more than 500 detailed plans for many types of DIY small wooden boats in this collection of DIY boat building plans.

Different types of canoes, kayaks and rowboats.

Sailboats, outboard and inboard motor boats, catamarans, kids paddle boats, hydroplanes, utility boats, pedalboats, sea skiffs, houseboats, cabin cruisers, and many more types of boats you have probably never heard of before.

Experience the pride and pleasure you can only get from creating something yourself.

You don't need any experience to build a boat with these plans.

Everything in the boat plans is laid out for you in a step by step fashion and there are dozens of video tutorials too, showing you close up many construction details. 

There are also color photos, detailed specifications and exploded views too, showing you hundreds more boat building details.

What Type of Boat Do You Want?

What type of activity will you use your boat for? Fishing, pleasure, or exploring? This will dictate what hull shape will be best for your situation.

What's the best type of wood to build your own boat? This also depends on what type of boat you build. A canoe would be built from super light wood for easy carrying. A sailboat needs a much stronger hull.

Boats with a rounded bottom maximize the amount of water displaced and give a smoother ride, making them ideal for cruise ships and sea boats. Boats with Shallow V-shaped hulls move faster than those with round hulls because the shape has less resistance.

Flat bottom boats can carry the most weight.

Do you want a 10 foot canoe or a 30 foot sailboat?

Are you going fishing or exploring or pleasure cruising?

Are you going to use your boat on rivers, lakes or the ocean?

Each boat building plan tells you how to build a boat with the right kind of materials for that type of boat. You get a complete list of materials for each boat plan.

There are also many positive reviews for these DIY boat building plans and you can read some of them here.

Caring for Your Boat

Caring for your boat is important too if you want it to last. Learn about the types of finishes to use and how to maintain your boat after it's built. Wood boats are beautiful but do require some maintenance. 

Sealing your hull, oiling, varnishing, cleaning, making repairs, etc. Maintaining your boat a little can add many hassle free years to the life of your boat.

However, if you look after your boat regularly, maintenance is easy and it's not very expensive.

Keeping your boat clean and dry, inside and out can also extend its life. Dirt or other gunk attracts moisture and moisture rots wood. High quality paint can help to keep your boat in good condition and there are also good synthetic coatings that can protect the inside of your boat where moisture can build up and be hard to eliminate.

A hard wearing coating can keep the moisture from getting into the wood. Stores that sell marine supplies will have products to help you with proper care for your boat.

Design Your Own Boat

Use CAD (computer assisted drawing) to design and build your own custom design boat. The boat building guide also shows you different methods of boat construction.

One of the best things about building it yourself, is that you can do it for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy one. You'll also save money by not making mistakes because everything is laid out for you, step by step.

You get instant access to all the boat plans, construction details and building guides in a members area webpage. You can download it right away and get your boat plans now.

The boat plans package is also available on DVDs and books. If you have a slow internet connection and you're having problems downloading the files, having the DVD version will save you some time and hassle.

You also get some great boat building bonuses with the regular course.

New boat plans are released regularly too. These are free to you for life! You can download new DIY boat plans every single month in the members area.

See the samples below of testimonials for the boat plans. There are many more that you can read about too!

"Don't Build A Boat
 Without Reading This First!"

I can't recommend Martin enough. I've read and re-read all his guides and it's fueled more than one fantasy boat.

The attention to details and the step-by-step photographic instructions makes this simple and easy to follow for anyone. All I can say is: do not build a boat without reading this first!

Todd Silva

Stafford, VA

"Excellent Details With  Step-By-Step Instructions"

What a great collection! I had a hard time putting this down and find myself going back often to compare boat designs.

There are enough different designs to satisfy most boat builders. The plans are excellent in detail and this has saved me so much time. I've spent weeks looking for stuff like this. Well worth the few bucks.

Eric Snyder

Oamaru, New Zealand

The boat plan package also comes with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't happy with the package, you can get a complete refund.

Order today - start building tomorrow. How to Build a Boat.


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