How to Live Off Grid 

Twenty Five How to Live Off Grid Projects to save you money and keep your life simple. Simple plans and easy to build like homesteading projects should be - your own electricity, water, food, and more.

Easy DIY projects made from easy to buy or easily salvaged, simple to assemble parts. No special tools needed.

How to build a root cellar or bunker from scratch; assemble a wind turbine from junk, passively collect, store and purify hundreds of gallons of fresh water; set up a low-space, high-yield farm, and even build a radio from scrap with simple parts.


detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Dig Your Own Water Well for free water that could cut your bills by as much as 90%.
  • How to Secretly Stash Hundreds of Gallons of Water
    Invisible, even from Uncle Sam!
  • Make Almost Any Water Source Safe to Drink
    Thanks to a unique, chemical-free filter made from common items
  • Passively Collect & Store Free Rainwater

How to Live Off Grid

How to Live Off Grid.

Be self sufficient, say goodbye to the rat race & live for a fraction of what it costs you to be an average citizen.

25 DIY off grid projects for independent living.

Build your own survival sanctuary.


  • How to Build A DIY Low-cost Wind Turbine
    That needs only a gentle breeze to output 100 watts and charge batteries non-stop.
  • Build A Fuel Generator from Improvised from Car Parts
    One that can use almost any type of fuel. 
  • A Water Wheel That Powers Homes 24/7
    Perfect for when there's a source close by.

Growing Food

  • Tiny-space Plans for an Indoor Vertical Farm - The most efficient way to get stacks of free food. Even in a city apartment. No fertilizer needed!
  • Square-foot Gardening - Great for companion planting. Where every crop helps to keep the others pest-free and healthy for maximum harvest size with minimal "work".
  • An Underground Greenhouse - Summer fruits and vegetables, even in winter. Without the fragility and maintenance of your typical greenhouse.
  • How to Create a Low Water Wicking Bed - Only needs watering every 2-3 weeks. Using 50% less H2O than a conventional garden. Perfect for dry areas.

How to Live Off Grid 2

Tell the rat race to kiss your butt. Super low living expenses means you can live well on less than half the money you make now.

Build your own survival sanctuary.

How to Live Off Grid.

Storing Food

  • How to Build A Solar Dehydrator and safely preserve vegetables and meat for years.
  • Stock Food the Traditional Way with A Root Cellar that doubles as an underground bunker. Perfect for stormy times. 
  • How to Build Your Own DIY Freeze Drier and safely preserve food for up to 25 years.

And Much More How to Live Off Grid Info

DIY Air Conditioning - save hundreds on your energy bill.

Build a Simple Homemade Radio - just like they did in WW2 POW camps - with easy to get parts.

An Electrical Backup Plan if you lose power.

Security Devices to protect you, your family, possessions and territory. Effective booby traps like they did in Vietnam and more!

The more self reliant you are, the easier it will be for you and your loved ones if things go to hell. Even the world doesn't go to hell, you can live a cheaper, lower stress lifestyle, eat healthier food too and feel secure knowing you can deal with an emergency better than most of the others around you.

But if things did go in the wrong direction, you would also want you and yours to be secure from those who want to take what you have because they don't know what else to do and weren't prepared.

After Covid most people realize the potential for something even worse to come along is quite possible.

That's why there's also DIY security projects included with these Off-Grid Projects.

Wilderness Survival Techniques

If you want to learn more about being independent and living off what nature can give, techniques for survival in the wilderness can give you valuable knowledge for off grid living and could save your life in an emergency.

Learning techniques of wilderness survival takes you another step beyond learning how to live off grid. Learning what nature has for you to use as food, tools and building materials can help you with your off grid living adventure. 

Survival in the wilderness.

Help Others To Cut Their Monthly Expenses

With your new knowledge you can help others you know to lower their expenses too and also to be more prepared if things go south. When others find out about your off grid projects, you can even make extra money consulting and helping others.

You'll probably sleep better too knowing you have the ability to deal with emergency situations much easier.


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