How to Make Natural Candles

How to make natural candles and how to turn your candlemaking into a successful home based business. 

Do it for fun or profit. Or make candles to be more prepared for an emergency.

The goal of this candle making guide is to not only explain to you in simple terms how to make natural candles but how to start a homebased business. 

You will not have a great business if you are just copying the few basic types of candles other people are making. You can create unique blends and scents of your own. You can even make custom scents for others. That is one way to help you hit a home with your homebased business and this guide will show you how to do it.

How to Make Natural Candles

Candles can help to create certain moods visually and by using essential oils for unique scents.

Profit from your own homebased DIY candle making business.

How to Make Natural Candles

How to Make Natural Candles of All Kinds

In this candle making guide you will learn how to make candles of all kinds and styles. Beeswax, soy, tealight, hurricane shell, rolled, layered, container, molded pillar, votive, therapeutic essential oil candles and more.

Imagine growing your candle company into a local brand where people come to you for custom candles and you could even place your candles in local stores.

That's why this candle making guide is in two parts. In the first part you will learn how to make candles. Step by step instructions to make your first batch of candles and as you learn how to make candles, you will learn to make some simple changes and additions to create your very own unique candles.

In the second part of the guide, you will learn all you need to know about turning your new found passion into a successful homebased business. business.

What's in The Candle Making Guide?

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Candles are also great to keep around for emergencies.

Emergency preparedness can be another lucrative niche for your homebased candle business.

Learn where to get supplies at low prices that can give you big profits in your own DIY homebased candle business.

In The Candle Making Guide You Will Learn:

  • What Candle Making Equipment and tools you will need
  • What materials to use and how to get raw materials
  • Different types of wicks that you can use
  • How to get started for very little money
  • How to scent a candle properly
  • What makes a candle natural?
  • How to make soy, beeswax and other natural candles
  • How to be creative with your candle making
  • How to color your candles with natural color
  • 7 Steps to ensuring great candles
  • All the candle making methods step by step
  • Candle making safety rules to follow
  • Best & easiest candle making projects to start with
  • How to design and create your own candle molds
  • Making clean burning candles
  • Controlling the burn time of candles

You Will Also Learn About Starting A Homebased Candle Making Business:

  • How to get started, step by step
  • How to start from home and save money
  • How to price your candles for sale
  • 6 must do’s for success in your candle business
  • 5 Beginner mistakes to avoid 
  • How to calculate the profit margin of your business
  • How and where to market and sell your handmade candles
  • How to promote your business both on and offline
  • How to price and sell candles to wholesalers
  • How to grow your homemade candle business 
  • Getting the best deals on your supplies

Have fun and make money at the same time with a simple business that is very easy to operate.

Learning How to Make Natural Candles May Be The Biggest Part of Your Homebased Business

People are getting more and more concerned with health and environmental issues, and although you will learn how to make all kinds of candles, natural candles may be the biggest part of your business.

So, you can focus on how to make natural candles or to maximize business, you may want to do all kinds of candles. Your business may even build up to the point where you can focus on the natural side only.

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Due to Christmas shoppers, December can be an almost unbelievably profitable time for a candle business.

It can easily be 3-4 times more profitable than any other month of the year if you are prepared for it. Our guide can help your business accomplish this!

Get your guide now - How to make natural candles and start your own homebased business in a few days.

Custom Candle Scents & Colors

Learn to blend scents that create certain moods.

Create your own custom scents, colors and styles.

Candles are a billion dollar industry and custom candle making can be very lucrative as you build your business. 

You will also learn about excellent places to start selling your candles. This can get your homebased business off to a much quicker start. 

The guide comes with a 60 day satisfaction money back guarantee.

You can't lose and you could be starting a DIY candle business in the next few days.

This is the most complete guide you will find on How to Make Natural Candles and start a homebased candle business.

P.S. Another niche you can explore is emergency candles. A candle in a small space can provide enough heat to save a person's life in cold weather and many people want candles as part of their home emergency kits.

Order your candle making guide today! 

How to make natural candles & start a homebased business.

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