Indoor Gardening Systems

There are many indoor gardening systems but this one makes its own compost and it can also be put outside to soak up direct sunlight.

Use your organic waste to create organic herbs and vegetables and it's all in one easy to maintain compost generating indoor gardening unit.

The design also helps provide a steady moisture and temperature in the center compost tube which makes a more optimum environment for increased worm activity and plant productivity - faster growing which means more harvests and you can do it year round, outdoors or indoors.

Other indoor growing systems can work OK too, but you have to buy some sort of fertilizer or plant food.

This system creates it's own nutrient rich soil by making its own compost and once you have this system producing, you can use the compost as soil for your plants and pour the compost tea back into the top of the compost, so you will always have nutrient rich, organic soil and fertilizer for your plants.

It's a efficient garden and composter all in one unit and grows more edibles faster in less space.

Gardening with a high-volume container system like the Garden Tower® literally gives you a head start. In a sunny location, soil in the Garden Tower will heat up faster and retain a higher temperature than in conventional gardens.

If you provide nighttime frost protection, the typical traditional planting schedule can often be moved forward an entire month.

In a raised-bed or typical gardening container, 90% of available nutrition is lost below the root zone. The Garden Tower® recovers these nutrients and optimizes delivery to the plant roots for hydroponic-like fast growth rates.

Better plant nutrition means much faster plant growth and the food from this system tastes better than hydroponic produce too because it gives more complete nutrition to the plants. A healthier plant is a tastier plant.

That's why so many vegetables in the supermarket are so tasteless. The plants are grown on soil that is low in nutrients and grown with fertilizer that only supplies a few nutrients to accelerate plant growth but doesn't give the plants complete nutrition.

Plants low in nutrition results in you eating food low in nutrition.


Here's a picture of the garden planting tower. You can plant up to 50 plants and you can rotate the unit to give maximum sun exposure to all of the plants. The unit sits on bearings so it's real easy to turn.

More levels can be added to the basic unit and you can grow indoors or outdoors. The most convenient and efficient container gardening of all. It's also a method of no till gardening. 

Grow veggies, herbs, greens and flowers. 

Other Indoor Gardening Systems
Don't Compare With The
Efficiency of This One!


Recycling organic waste in a more efficient way and growing crops to harvesting stage much quicker than other methods.

It's mostly vertical so you only need a few square feet of horizontal space to grow your garden.

Buy another unit and double your food harvest! You won't find any other indoor gardening systems that compare with this super-efficient method of gardening.

Weed problems will be almost non-existent too with this no dig gardening method and the unit is made in the US out of food grade material. It's a super low maintenance, super productive, super compact gardening system.

How This Indoor Gardening System Works

Fill the pockets with potting media.

Add organic food scraps to the tube in the middle ( no meat or prepared foods)

 Add composting worms (also available from us) to the top of your compost tube. Worms will work their way down through the entire center composting tube leaving deposits along the way.

When you water (from the top) water moves through all of the root systems helping to distribute nutrients evenly from top to bottom.

Nutrient rich compost tea is collected in a removable drawer at the bottom of the compost tube. This tea can be added to the top of the tube for enhanced plant nutrition. It's fantastic fertilizer!

The compost center column is pierced with hundreds of small holes allowing the plants to access the rich nutrients created by the worms and compost.

Plant roots reach the decaying compost in a few weeks and absorb nutrients from the super rich compost material.

Between harvests you can remove compost from the bottom of the tube as it is turned into soil and then use this soil for your plants. How's that for recycling?

In 9 months you can recycle approximately 50 gallons of organic food scraps.

Just repeat the cycle and you'll continually have fresh veggies and herbs to eat. You won't find more efficient indoor gardening systems than this.

A Natural Self Contained Eco System


The unit rotates so you can maximize sunlight for the plants and you can also get wheels for the bottom so it's easy to roll around inside or outside.

Order today and can be growing more in less space and growing tastier food faster than ever before with this King of indoor gardening systems


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