Making Money With Woodworking

Making money with woodworking isn't hard if you have a step by step plan to put in action. A plan designed by someone who has done it themselves.

A lot of people would like to make money by doing something they enjoy and maybe even earning money well beyond just some spare time extra cash type of profits.

This program contains all the info you need to make spare time or a good, full time living working for yourself by creating easy to build DIY projects for profit.

It's a complete marketing plan that you can put into action from your home and it takes very little start-up capital.


From simple woodworking plans to more involved projects - learn as you go.

Complete plans and material list for each project.

Even a beginner can do beautiful wood carving with this DIY CNC Wood Router.

Making Money With Woodworking Projects That Are Simple to Build

This guide has information that can get you off to a fast start like the information on the 10 hottest selling, easy to build projects that you can start building for fast profits with easy, step by step plans.

Get into business in days, not months with a plan that is already laid out for you. Just follow the advice from someone who has done it and found out what works best for the fastest profits.

Make money with your own woodworking business and do it on your terms. You decide how much you want to make and what types of projects you want to take on.

Start out in your spare time and expand according to whatever your goals are.

Spare time income, retirement hobby or a great full time income. The choice is yours. Start in a part of your shop, or build your own small shop and organize it the way you want to.

If you organize a small shop efficiently, you'll be surprised at how small a space you can do it in.  Great information here on building a work shop.

Avoid costly mistakes by following a ready for action guide that will put you into profit much quicker than you can do it on your own.


Simple woodwork designs like this can make real big profits for you. They can be stand alone or added as parts of other woodworking plans and projects.

Start Your Woodworking Shop for Low Cost

You can start making money with woodworking for a few hundred dollars. You only need simple tools to start building the simple projects that are also fast-selling items. You can expand as profits come in if you want to and get all the fancy gear. But it's not necessary to try starting big.

A lot of the fastest selling wood projects are very simple to build and only require simple tools.

Marketing Your New Woodworking Business

Marketing their business is the weak point of many business beginners and also experienced woodworkers. They love creating but are not great at marketing. They want to build things, not be salesmen.

But you don't have to be a super salesman - you just have to get the word out. When people find out what you do, they will come to you.

This course will guide you in simple ways to attract customers and show you simple marketing methods to get you off to a running start.

Also, how to get glowing testimonials from customers. Testimonials can easily increase your business two fold. 

Even if you already have a woodworking business, this guide can show you simple methods to increase your business.

Woodworking Tools Discounts

This guide will also show you where to get great discounts on quality tools and it's not what you think. Home Depot and Lowe's are not always the bargain places.

On top of all that, you also get email coaching included  with this Wood Profits Guide. You can't go wrong if you are serious about making money with woodworking projects from your own backyard.

  • Advice on how to contract out some projects if you get too busy and can't keep up.
  • Tips on getting commercial contracts
  • Getting better prices from your suppliers
  • Doing craft shows and trade fairs

Online Woodworking Sales

Would you also like to make local sales online? It's not hard. Set up a simple website and when people in your area search for woodwork items, Google will take them to your website. You'll learn how to set up a simple website in a day. You don't need some sort of super site to get your information in front of the right eyeballs.

You get years of experience behind the Wood Profits Guide to give you a big boost and help you to make profits fast and expand your business fast too.

Making money with woodworking will never be easier than with this Wood Profits Guide to take you every step of the way to quick success.

You don't have to be a master craftsman or even need experience to make money with this guide. So simple, any average person, male or female, can do it.

There are also many great testimonials from people who have taken this course. Check it out here!

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