DIY Natural Health Remedies

Natural Health Remedies - DIY Home Remedies for Natural Healing.

Avoiding Drugs can help you maintain health without harmful side effects and also help to slow the aging process. Taken constantly, prescription drugs can cause much harm to your body. That's why they are now required to list possible health side effects on the labels.

Also, the side effects listed are proven. There are many other suspected side effects that may not be on the labels. Anything that affects your level of health or interferes with body functions, has the potential to cause permanent damage to your body.

In addition, drugs cannot heal you - they only cover up your symtoms.

Using natural health remedies can help you to avoid negative health consequences as well as actually helping to heal your body instead of just masking your symptoms.

There are many simple DIY natural health remedies that you can do at home if they aren't problems that require diagnosis or specific treatment from a doctor.

Natural Health Remedies

Dandelion is a great example of a plant with well known healing properties. 

Cursed as a weed much of the time, it is actually a gift of nature.

Did you know that when soil is disturbed by man, nature will grow the plants it needs to reestablish proper soil nutrient balance.

Many Natural Health Remedies are
Thousands of Years Old

Alternative treatments have been used for centuries and are often passed down through generations.

Natural health remedies use natural ingredients like herbs, essential oils, and other plant-based products to help heal the body. They are often preferred by people as a first-line treatment before seeking medical attention.

There may also be times natural treatments can be used as a complement to traditional medicine, for there may be times you need medical care in an emergency or critical health situation.

A major benefit of natural health remedies is that if you take them regularly, they won't harm you like taking drugs constantly can. Many prescription drugs have warnings of kidney and liver damage over time, but they don't usually mention other negative health effects over time.

Examples of natural health remedies include herbal teas, essential oils, spices, and plant-based supplements.

Prescription Drugs Can Speed Up Aging

Taking prescriptions drugs constantly can end up interfering with digestion and interfering with digestion means your body does not process food as efficiently, so you don't get all of the nutrients out of the food you eat.

This can further aggravate any health problems you have and speed up the aging process.

Prescription drugs can interfere with the good bacteria in your system, causing digestive issues. Then you need more drugs to address the digestive issues and maybe more drugs to address other health effects you develop, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Drugs can be a never ending ride you can't get off of until you decide to try natural health remedies to treat your symptoms. The best way to go is to make any changes under the advice of a naturopathic doctor if you are taking prescription medications. You may have to ease gradually off your medications.

Prescription drugs also drag down your immune system, while natural remedies can help to support your immune system.

Natural Health Remedies 2

Many plants have healing qualities.

This can include all parts of some plants or specific parts of some plants such as roots, leaves, flowers, etc.

Digestive Issues One of The Most Common Reasons for Medical Doctor Visits

Digestive issues, constant or occasionally, are one of the top reasons for doctor visits and yet, if you don't have serious digestive problems, they are easy to deal with.

For example; peppermint oil is very good at relieving digestives issues.

So is ginger, commonly used as a tea remedy. 

There are other things that also work well for aiding digestion too. But everyone is different, so what works great for you may not work as good as a different natural remedy for someone else.

But you can experiment with these types of DIY natural health remedies without worrying about causing permanent damage to your health, as long as you follow the directions on the labels.

Pay Attention to Digestion
for Better Health & Slower Aging

Everything changes as you get older. Things don't work as efficiently and of course, some issues can become very serious and debilitating.

So, even if you have reasonably good health, taking some natural digestive aids can help you to maintain good health longer and slow the effects of aging.

That's because all of the nutrients your body needs, come from the foods you eat. So, if you keep digestion at peak levels, it can do wonders for your health as you age. 

Everyone ages, but if you eat a lot of hard to process foods, it will degrade your digestion system, lowering your absorption of nutrients, causing health problems and faster aging. You are what you eat - it can happen quickly, as in a stomach ache or take years sometimes to notice the negative effects.

That's why you should learn to read labels and avoid foods with additives such as colorings, taste enhancers, preservatives, etc. They just degrade your digestive system faster if they are not something your body can use nutritionally.

Natural Health Remedies 3

Preparing herbs is easy. 

Most herbs just need to be dried and used as needed.

You can make infusions or tinctures and some herbs can be used by making teas.

Better Digestion Means Better
Nutrient Absorption 

An example of poor nutrient absorption is osteoporosis.

When you body doesn't absorb enough calcium, it can rob calcium form bones and teeth. That's what osteoporosis is.

Many people take calcium supplements to help with this but many of these people wonder why, after taking calcium supplements for years, they still have a problem.

The problem is absorption. You can take all the calcium in the world, but if your body doesn't absorb it properly, it won't do you any good.

First of all, take a form of calcium that is known to be absorbed well. There are different forms of many minerals and usually, the cheaper forms aren't absorbed as well as the ones that cost a little more.

Have your digestion checked by a naturopath to be sure but you can try other things such as adding magnesium to your supplements, since all the minerals your body uses, cannot be used unless there is enough magnesium in your body. Many people are short of magnesium because many minerals are now missing from the soil, so they are then, also missing from the plants we eat.

Also, if your stomach doesn't produce enough acid for good digestion, this can also cause absorption problems. Your body cannot process food properly without the right amount of acid.

The info above was just to give you an idea about nutrient absorption. There is a lot more factors involved and reading and experimenting with simple, natural remedies may help you.

But the best approach, if you have problems, would be to go to a naturopathic doctor and get a nutritional profile done. This will give you a good idea where to start and knowing what your body is short of may help you fix your problems quickly and naturally.


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