No Grid Survival Projects

No grid survival projects can help to keep you in a decent level of comfort even if the rest of the world goes to hell. More and more people are becoming interested in homesteading and survival projects to lessen stress, live more simply, become more self-sufficient and also help to prepare for an uncertain future.

After Covid came along, interest in these subjects really took off and that's what this no grid survival info is designed for because more people now realize that things are getting crazier every day and no end in sight. After Covid, people realize that almost anything is possible.

To not only help you to stay alive, but live well is what these no grid survival projects (or as some call it - preppers survival) were designed for. Even if you live in an apartment, there are things you can do to make things a lot easier in case shortage of things like power, water or food become a problem.

"Survival Sanctuary" is A Manual Full of
DIY No Grid Survival Projects

This Manual is full of information on projects to help you not only survive, but to thrive in case things in your area of the planet go south. Beginner-friendly DIY projects to help you be more self-reliant.

25 DIY projects made from easy to get, simple to assemble parts and easy to follow instructions.

Alternative power methods, root cellars, bunkers, collecting the water you will need, build a simple radio, etc.

Dig your own water well for free water and then build a unit that can pump water without electricity. It's not fast but it works! Or use a hand pump or an electric pump.

Also, you may need to contact local authorities to see what the regulations may be and also to locate and mark any underground services such as gas or electricity.

Also, get an idea how deep the water table is in your area. Your local municipality should be able to help you with this information). A shallow well (25 -30 feet or less) is much easier to drill and set up than a deep well.

A hand pump can also be used on a shallow well if you wish to save the cost of an electric water pump/pressure system and a shallow well can be easily drilled with a hand post auger you can rent or buy from places like Lowe's or Home Depot.

Depending on the water flow in a shallow well, you may want to go deeper if a shallow well doesn't meet your water volume needs. Be sure to dig your well uphill from any septic system or water runoff from livestock.

You can also catch and use rainwater and build a simple water purifier too!

A Simpler Lifestyle is Healthier Too

Less stress, lower monthly bills, healthier, tastier food and less money required to live better if you are willing to put in a little time and effort. When you've accomplished the level of self-sufficiency you want or are able to do, you can relax and just do a little maintenance on your no grid survival projects.

That's exactly what these no grid survival projects are aimed at - not just more self-sufficiency but living more of the kind of life many people dream about - a little further away from the rat race.


Here's an example of an old style hand water pump. You can still buy hand pumps and they are more efficient than you would think.

It only takes a couple minutes to fill a 5 gallon bucket and you can hang the bucket on the  pump.

When I was a kid I pumped a lot of water this way before we drilled another well by hand and installed an electric water pump/pressure system.


Here's an example of a an old style well with a hand crank and a pail. Works good too and simple to fix if something breaks or wears out, since there aren't many moving parts and you can easily build and fix it yourself.

Some of our neighbors had this type of water source when I was a kid.

You can put a cover on your well instead and install an electric pump below the freezing point in the well if you have cold weather or install the pump in your house or basement if you want to.

Alternative Methods of Power Generation

  • How to DIY A Low-cost wind turbine that needs only a gentle breeze to output 100 watts and charge batteries non-stop.
  • Build A Fuel Generator from improvised from car parts
    One that can use almost any fuel type. 
  • A Water Wheel that powers homes 24/7
    Perfect for when there's no sun, wind, or other energy sources available. If you have a water source available, it's actually much more efficient than wind or solar power.
  • How to install solar panels easily.

These projects are scalable too. Build another unit and connect them together for more output.

No Grid Gardening Projects

  • Tiny-space Plans for an Indoor Vertical Farm
    The most efficient way to get lots of healthy, tastier food. Even in a city apartment. 
  • The "Lazy Gardener's" Square-foot Garden
    Companion planting where one crop helps to keep another pest-free and healthy for maximum harvest size with minimal "work".
  • An Underground (Walipini) Greenhouse that grows summer fruits and veggies, even in winter. 
  • How to Create a (Low Water) Wicking Bed that only needs watering every 2-3 weeks. Uses 50% less H2O than a conventional garden and perfect for dryer locations.
  • How to Build A Solar Dehydrator Use the free power of the sun to safely preserve vegetables and meat for years.
  • Stock Food the Traditional Way with A Root Cellar that can also double as an underground bunker. 
  • How to Build Your Own DIY Freeze-drier that can safely preserve food for up to 25 years. Drying food shrinks it a lot so it takes up less space and when you rehydrate the food, it tastes just as good as the day you harvested it.

Build Your Own Survival Sanctuary

There are more projects too - build a simple radio, a simple type of AC unit, and also different methods to provide simple security for your survival setup, your family and yourself.

Order your copy today and start building your own Survival Sanctuary with this manual full of DIY no grid survival projects.


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