Organic Gardening for Beginners

Organic Gardening for Beginners Course - learn about all the important aspects of organic gardening and get lifetime access to the following information.

Three different approaches to composting, container gardening, vermiculture, building up your soil naturally, and making your own fertilizer.

Designing your garden to be part of your landscape or convenience.  How to plan and plant your garden, starting seeds indoors, saving your seeds, set up an automatic irrigation system, extending your growing season, fruit trees and permaculture, growing a traditional garden or using containers.

The course videos will guide you through the seasons of a complete year of growing, from preparation to harvest. This course is what you might call an enhanced method of traditional style gardening, getting your hands dirty and working with Mother Earth, achieving bigger yields by working directly with nature.

This course is about the different methods you can use to work with nature to enhance the soil and plant growth naturally for the maximum production and harvesting of organic produce.

Not Just Organic Gardening for Beginners....

This course is not just about organic gardening for beginners - it's great for those who have experience with traditional gardening too! No matter what gardening you have done before, there is a lot to learn here due to the extensive experience and experimentation of the people behind this program. They make their living by growing things and have for years.

Achieve food self sufficiency with a super growth garden by enhancing soil fertility and growing food that is much higher in nutrients and do it without any harmful chemicals or artificial fertilizers.

The common manufactured fertilizers only add a few ingredients to encourage plant growth.  When a plant is missing some important elements, it is weaker, so pests are more likely to invade, just like a person with low immunity is more likely to get sick.

Also, a plant that gets better nutrition tastes a lot better because it has a lot more of the nutrients it needs for good growth and development. A plant needs good nutrition just like a person does for best development. That's why fresh produce from your own garden tastes a lot better than the imported produce that you get at the local super market.

The regular produce from the supermarket is grown with manufactured fertilizers and many of these crops are continually grown on the same soil. Soil that is nutritionally worn out because it never gets anything good put back in.

Also, with your own garden, you can harvest when the produce is ready to harvest. Harvesting to soon to ship products and avoid spoilage is another reason imported produce is lacking in taste.

So, if you want to have bigger, tastier, fresher and much healthier organic produce, try this course and get growing.

Organic Gardening for Beginners & Experienced Gardeners.


Fresh, super healthy, organic vegetables. Save money, improve your health and help Mother Earth too!

Sell your excess veggies and make extra money too! Organic veggies are facing increasing demand.

Building The Soil for Your Organic Garden

Everyone has noticed over the last few years how recalls of produce are occurring due to some bad bacteria in the produce. People just accept this without asking why.

A major reason for this is because the soil needs a proper good/bad bacteria balance just like the human digestive system. When you destroy this natural balance, disease can take  hold.

The soil is depleted of the beneficial micro-organisms due to modern farming practices because chemicals can kill the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil. Then bad bacteria can proliferate causing problems and resulting in the food poisoning outbreaks and food recalls that are common.

At one time, years ago, food recalls were not a problem because the soil was a lot healthier before farmers started using modern, chemical based farming practices. Chemicals kill the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil and over time the soil becomes depleted nutritionally from constantly trying to produce crops without rebuilding the soil. 

It's a very unbalanced way of farming - slowly destroying the growing ability of the soil so that eventually, you are growing low nutrition, unhealthy plants.

Because the food is low in nutrients, health problems and excess weight become bigger problems.

The food grown with modern farming practices not only depletes the soil, but the produce has less taste and is much less nutritious, plus a lot of produce contains chemical residue.

It takes more food to give you proper nutrition and the food has important nutrients missing, so you are more likely to be missing nutrients too.

Missing Nutrients is A Problem

Why are some diseases a problem that were rare or almost non-existent years ago? Maybe because there are so many trace elements missing in our depleted soil.

Here's an example; Your body needs the element chromium to help regulate blood sugar. This trace element, like other trace elements, is almost missing completely in much of our farming soil. Diabetes is ever increasing and was almost non-existent a few decades ago. Why???

Years ago, before chemicals, farming was organic but the word organic wasn't invented until synthetic farming came to be.

There are many other examples too of missing nutrients and their relation to different health issues, but the point is, healthy food makes a healthy person. You don't need to prove this in a lab - it's just common sense.

Get growing and try out this Organic Gardening Course today.


An organic garden is also good for other creatures that are endangered by chemicals and pesticides.

Summary of what is contained in this course.

  • Learn how to grow food naturally either in your yard or through container growing.
  • Build micro-organism and nutrient rich fertile soil through three types of composting.
  • How to convert your yard into a beautiful edible landscape.
  • Succession planting: how to save seed and achieve a year-round harvest.
  • How to incorporate biodiversity to achieve natural, effective pest control.
  • How to setup an automatic irrigation system and use cold frames, row covers & greenhouses for season extension.
  • Immediate interim access to all 2022 course videos and webinar recordings.
  • Lifetime access to the forthcoming core 2023 course videos.
  • 12 months Q&A support through our members’ discussion forum (year-round) and live Zoom meeting webinars (March-Oct).
  • 12 months access to Dan (market gardener) and Jack (edible landscape designer) to personally answer any of your growing questions via the forum or webinars.
  • Access a fresh stream of seasonally adapted video releases from March 2023 as the growing season progresses.

Shot On Location Videos 

The videos in this course were shot on-site for a realistic experience and the principles in this course are applicable to all growing areas.

Organic Gardening for Beginners & Experienced Gardeners.

This course comes with a 60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and you can study the material at your own pace.

You get lifetime access to the course - all updates and changes.

Better food, lower monthly food bills and better health for you and the planet.


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