Start A Recycling Business

Start a recycling business and be your own boss. Help the earth and make a good living too.

A great way to be independent  and good for singles, couples, male or female.

Recycling is becoming more important for the future since many items are becoming depleted on the earth.

Wood and metals are two common items but there are also opportunities to get things, such as vehicles, that have been abandoned because they needed some repair and no one bothered to fix them.

Pick up some mechanical item for a few dollars, get it to work and sell it for hundreds of dollars in profit.

You will find many opportunities to get something that is much more valuable than what you pay for it - maybe even antiques.

This salvage and recycling guide has stories just like that. This guide was written by someone who has over 30 years experience in the salvage and recycling business.

It is fairly easy to start a recycling business. There can be some hard work but it's an easy business to start and run. 

There are testimonials too, from real people who have purchased the recycling guide.


Everything On Earth is Finite!

Start a Recycling Business & Help Reclaim Materials That Nature Cannot Provide Forever.

What Will You Salvage & Recycle?

Just about any material can be recycled, so what you choose can depend on what type of recyclables are in your area and the places available for you to sell your salvage to.

Wood, plastic and metal items of all kinds can be recycled.

Heavy equipment has parts that are expensive, so some used parts are in demand and can bring in a lot of money.

Many electronic items have some precious metals inside.

One example of this is silver. Silver and gold are excellent conductors but even though gold is a better conductor, silver is used in a lot of electronic circuits. Although silver's not quite as good a conductor as gold, it's still a real good electrical conductor, but much cheaper to use than gold.

However, you will find there is gold too in some recyclable items.

Electronic items are everywhere, so these items are easy to find and are items that are recycled by most small salvage businesses. 

Avoid New Business Mistakes 

One important thing with many new businesses o=is making mistakes that cost you time and money.

This salvage and recycling guide was written by someone who has made a living recycling for over thirty years.

This guide can help you to avoid many common mistakes and help you to get your business up a running profitably much quicker. This is very valuable because the hard part of most businesses is starting them. Avoid a lot of the frustration and hassle that come with a business startup and get off to a quick start by following this guide.

Start a Recycling Business with professional guidance, so you can get going quickly and you get contact info too. You can ask questions whenever you want.

This is a very simple DIY business to operate and if you want to, you can operate it from home.


Start A Recycling Business.

Help the earth and make a good living too doing something really worthwhile.

You can start simple for a couple hundred dollars and expand as you want to.

Low Cost to Start A Recycling Business

It doesn't cost much to enter the recycling business and you can choose whether to expand and buy more space or stay at home and specialize in smaller items, such as electronics.

Here is an idea of some of the important aspects of a recycling business covered in this guide.

  • Construction and building materials
  • Equipment & tools you need
  • Arranging transportation & storage if needed
  • Operating on a cash basis
  • Farm and ranch equipment and supplies
  • Heavy equipment salvaging for high value parts
  • Scrap metal - ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Electronic, communication, and computer scrap and recycling
  • Salvage for alternative energy systems
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Promoting and marketing your business
  • How to get paid before you start a job
  • Dealing with recycling dealers & brokers

Money Saving Tips for Your Business

The guide has tips regarding the following items to help you get up to speed quickly on dealing with these areas of recycling.

  1. Electronic, Computer and Telecommunications equipment
  2. Visiting the sites with recyclables available
  3. Researching to learn more about certain recyclables 
  4. Bartering for used equipment
  5. Outsourcing yard space and hauling materials
  6. Finding buyers and cash
  7. Containers you'll need for scrap sorting and hauling
  8. Working through materials for recycle
  9. Marketing your business
  10. Precious metal - choosing a refiner
  11. Precious metal - refining yourself
  12. Remove gold from plated material
  13. Disclaimer and health issues
  14. Plated gold
  15. Gold plating removal system
  16. Equipment and Supplies needed
  17. Safety equipment required

Ideas to Give Your Recycling Business A Boost

Like any other business, you will learn as you go and come up with some of your own ideas.

Here's a good example; Many farms and ranches have old scrap items laying around - stuff that in many cases, has been abandoned for years. Many of these people will give you the scrap for free just to get rid of it. 

Others may want a few dollars but this is a good example of a way to make good profits on a small investment of time and maybe a few dollars.

This guide has many ideas from the over 30 years of experience that the author is passing on to you. It's a great shortcut to success if you want to start a recycling business.

The guide also comes with a money back satisfaction guarantee! The only way you can lose is if you don't try. 

You also get access to the author's website and also his blog, which have more recycling business ideas and information for you.

Try it today! It has a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

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