Survival In The Wilderness

Survival In The Wilderness - DIY tools, skills and methods that can save your life if things go to hell. 

Wilderness survival skills are something very few people know any more.

If water doesn't come out of your faucet any more, if the switches don't turn your lights on any more and this lasts for a few days, what would you do?

Many survival skills can be adapted for use in the city too. Ways to have some heat for warmth or cooking and gathering edibles are applicable and can be adapted to your situation, no matter where you live, although survival on a farm or acreage is easier to deal with.

Most wilderness skills can be handy if an emergency happens when you are out in the forest or get lost. Knowing how to survive for a few days or weeks can make the difference between living and dying.

But if things get really crazy, you can disappear into the forest and stay alive for months or years while others are stealing from and killing each other.

You won't have much competition in the forest since most people won't even think of going there because they know it's certain death for them.

Survival in The Wilderness

Author Bio: Jason Knight has been teaching wilderness survival skills since 1997, sharing the basics with thousands of people, while training hundreds of adults to become survival instructors. He has consulted as a local wilderness skills expert for the Discovery Channel.

This DIY survival in the wilderness manual was an Amazon bestseller and comes with a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee!

Skills Essential for Survival in The Wilderness

Most people naturally fear the forest because they know nothing about it and don't know how to do simple things such as gathering edibles or making water safe to drink.

Knowing simple skills like starting a fire, purifying water, avoiding poisonous plants and making a shelter are essential skills for survival in the wilderness.

You can have the modern gadgets for things like making fire and purifying water, but those things don't last forever and sometimes they also get lost or broken.

Survival in the wilderness is just knowing and using what is available in the wilderness environment. With some knowledge you will never really be lacking anything and never have trouble staying alive while others panic, cry and die if things go south.

It is possible in the wilderness areas such as Canada and the USA to make a shelter that will keep you alive, warm and dry in any type of weather and most countries have some forest areas that are similar. You can disappear into the forest and let the rest of the world deal with their own self-created problems.

You have to remember that native people survived for thousands of years without technology in many different environments around the world. They survived in deserts, mountains, the arctic, islands in the ocean, the jungle and the wilderness.

The wilderness has everything you need for comfortable survival. Material for tools and shelters, edibles and water. It's just a matter of some knowledge to set you apart from the herd mentality.

If you get caught in an emergency, you likely won't have all the modern survival gadgets you would like to have. So, knowing primitive survival skills may be essential to your survival in such a situation.

Many Survival Principles are Common Sense

Most wilderness survival skills are in the common sense area, but there are things that are a lot easier and faster to learn from someone who has the experience, instead of learning yourself by trial and error, especially in an emergency situation. 

Making clothes, for example. If you have some good quality clothes that will last for a while, that's okay, but eventually you may need to make something yourself from natural materials that are available around you.

The best natural option for this is animal skins. Knowing how to prepare them is actually fairly simple, although it takes some time to do the process. Skins prepared the way natives did it can be washed with water, dried out and used again just like normal clothes.

Most commercial leather items you buy now start to deteriorate if they get wet and then you dry them out and use them again. They quickly start to crack and deteriorate.

Simple things like how to keep bugs out of your shelter, your bed and your clothing, building rainproof, warm shelters, making beds that help to retain body heat, the fastest way to start a fire, etc. are all things that can make the difference between you fighting the environment or being comfortable with it.

Whether you just hike, camp for a couple days or want to do extensive wilderness living, this book can help you make it easier and can even save your life in an emergency. It was an Amazon bestseller and is one of the best wilderness survival books you will find.

Survival in The Wilderness

Preparing & Preserving Food

Preparing and preserving food is also essential for survival in the wilderness if you are going be in the wilderness for a while. Preserving meat and plants is also essential but simple to do. But it's another area that is a lot easier if you learn from someone with experience instead of doing your own trial and error.

Processing animals for meat, whether small like rabbits or large like deer, are all easy to process when you understand some basics about anatomy. The process is the same. You just apply the same principles to a small or large body.

The same type of basic knowledge learned from someone with experience can be applied with common sense for skinning animals and preparing the skins for clothes or other items.

You should also always carry some basic items if you are going into the wilderness since you never know what might happen.

Number one is to carry at least one high quality hunting knife. Number two, carry one of those simple fire making gadgets that creates a shower of sparks to create a fire. Number three is to carry one of those water filtration straws to purify water for drinking.

These items can easily save your life if you run into an emergency that lasts for a few days or a couple weeks. Longer than that and you need to have skills that can give you long term survival in the wilderness and you need to be able do these things with the natural materials around you.


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