The Best DIY Website Builder On The Internet

The Best DIY Website Builder on The Internet isn't just a DIY website builder like many others. There are good website builders out there, but they don't come close to all the marketing advice and tools that this marketing monster gives you.

It truly is an all in one website building and marketing advice package and makes DIY website creation a breeze.

It's a complete marketing package giving advice on how to get your site indexed by search engines and getting free traffic from the search engines as well as different ways to make money with your site.

How to do keyword research the right way, how to choose a site concept to help ensure success and much, much more.

Use a proven online business plan and website builder that has a higher success rate than any other website building package online. The best DIY website builder on the net comes complete with DIY videos, manual, marketing tips and free 24/7 email support and forums.

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All the factors that can help your website rise in search engines are included in this Do It Yourself Website Building & Marketing Package.

Why It's The Best DIY Website Builder

There is no DIY website builder package on the internet that includes everything you get with this software package and it is point and click simple!

  1. It's point and click simple but if you have experience with HTML, you can also upload HTML.
  2. MUCH SIMPLER THAN WORDPRESS  - All the Wordpress plugins you will need will cost you more than this package.
  3. If you have experience with Wordpress and want to continue using it, you can also buy the WP package for a discounted price and still use all the important features of this software. 
  4. There are other good DIY website builders out there but none of them come close to giving you what this one includes.
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Building a site with white hat tactics will never get you in trouble with Google.

Black hat tactics can get you barred forever from Google!

Look At All The Benefits of This Website Builder Software and Instruction Package

Here are some important features of what’s included with this DIY website builder and when you see what you get with this package, you’ll probably agree that it is the best DIY website builder on the internet.

1. Point and click website builder, easy customization.

2. Every point and click command has a suggestion link beside it that you can click on for detailed instructions if you are not clear about the command.

3. Simple instructions for submitting your site to Google and Bing so you your site gets indexed quicker.  And do this right within the website builder.

4. Keyword research tool – suggestions on keyword searching and evaluating keywords for their profit potential.

5. You can customize the templates and upload your own custom HTML. If you don’t know HTML, you can get someone who does, to build custom elements for your site.

6. Complete image/graphics upload, edit and storage library for all your graphic needs.

7. Link library for storing all of the internal and external links to your website. Links to products, other non-competing websites with related information, internal pages, PDF downloads, etc.

8. Store relevant documents as PDFs for viewing or download.

9. Integration with major social sites – Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Reddit, What’s App and Messenger.

10. Organize website pages and sections with point and click for easy access. After you have a couple dozen pages, this makes finding specific information much faster and easier.

11. Basic autoresponder included. Later , if you need to administer a larger lead basse, you can integrate easily (point and click) with Aweber.

12. Ability to password protect chosen pages.

13. STEP BY STEP business success plan with videos and printed instructions. Planning your website, researching keywords, submitting to search engines, getting inbound and outbound links,

14. Design and send a newsletter with point and click, including spam checker to keep you out of spam folders.

15. GDPR compliance set up.

16. Add a simple blog to your website with point and click using info from your site after you have a few pages created.

17. Daily and monthly traffic statistics to show how each site page is performing at Bing and Google.

18. Easy access to help including personal email and forums.

19. AI content generator to help you gather info and build your webpages. This can dramatically speed up content creation and help you build pages much faster and it also automatically optimizes your content for search engines.

20. You can easily connect to Google analytics to help you evaluate your site to a deeper level.

21. Form builder – build any forms you want on your site with point and click. Forms such as contact forms, subscription forms, etc.

22. Advice on monetizing your site. The best approaches for you to make money with your website.

23. Professional marketing tips.

24. Easy integration with PayPal and other common 3rd party payment processors.

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A lot of people dream about making money from home, but most never take the first step.

The first step and most important one, is just making up your mind to do it! We'll help you with the rest!

Marketing Your Website

Building a website is only half of the story. It's no good if people don't come to visit it!

There are all kinds of marketing tips to help on your internet business journey, including free and paid traffic, social site marketing advice, search engine optimization, etc.

There are many more features and benefits to this DIY website builder but you can easily see that what I have listed is much more comprehensive than any other website builder you will find on the internet.

I have used other website builders and there are some pretty good ones, but I haven't seen one as comprehensive as the one I used to build this website, which is the package being offered now to you!

I have also used Wordpress and I won’t knock it, because it’s a good platform.

But if you use Wordpress, you will still need to purchase many plugins to make your site work the way you want it to, so your total cost will be much more than the complete cost of this website building package and not as complete.

Make Money fro Home

There is nothing better than watching your website slowly develop residual income - making money even while you sleep.

You can make a part time or a full time income and set your own work hours. Start building your work from home business now!

Wordpress Comparison

Some people say you can buy a Wordpress template for a few dollars and get website hosting for a few dollars a month.

That’s true but it’s not the whole story.

It depends on the type of website you build, but you will definitely need plugins and other tools such as tools for newsletters, an autoresponder, keyword research, an SEO plugin, etc.

And there is no building or marketing manual that comes with Wordpress telling you how to build your site or how to make it successful.

This package comes with complete website building and marketing advice. You can get personal help by email and there are free forums where you can ask any question you want related to your website and get answers from those with years of online experience.

On top of that, there are many plugins that aren't compatible with other plugins or software you may want to use with WP, but you won't know until you try it. I had this happen to me more than once with my WP websites.

Success only comes if your website is set up for success and that is much more than just building a website. You want a website that appeals to search engines and visitors so they both keep returning to your site. Wordpress doesn’t come with a marketing package like that.

With Wordpress you are on your own to learn your way through the online jungle looking for success. Buying books, taking courses, etc. It can be done but the internet is much more complicated now than a decade ago and advice from pros who have been there is invaluable for your success.

You can try the Wordpress version of this software here and it also comes with a 90 money back guarantee!

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The right content is the keystone of your website creation.

The following steps in this  website building package take you, one step at a time to your destination of success.

The best DIY website builder includes an AI content generation tool to help build web pages quickly and it has a 90 day money back guarantee!

What Makes A Website Successful?

When the internet was new, it was a lot easier to be successful but now there are so many websites competing for customer’s and Google’s attention, that you need to follow a lot more steps to experience great online success and it takes longer. These steps are included with this website builder package.

Websites are being launched by the millions every year. Many of these websites are also being abandoned after someone finds out that they aren’t going to get rich overnight. Also, most of these sites are not optimized for Google, so they never get much, if any, free search engine traffic. So, people give up, wondering what went wrong or why they weren't lucky.

Thos sites are sites that must be advertised to get business or maybe the vendor already has a list of people that he can send email offers to but they get virtually no search engine traffic.

But Google has to search through all these websites to try to find relevant sites with good information for the searchers.

So, when you make Google happy, you will find success. Create a great site with step by step help and instructions and you will not be successful overnight, but you will be successful over time.

Some luck can help but a proven process that has worked for others is the best way to ensure online success. This is the best DIY website builder because it has proven to have a much higher rate of success than any other website builder package offered online. Statistics don't lie.


Start your online business journey today and watch as your online business helps to create your dreams of success.

Try the best DIY website builder package online and it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee! You can't lose.

Building A Business isn't
Overnight Magic

It won’t happen overnight, but like any other business, if you build it right and get the word out, the customers will come and you will end up with a successful internet based business that can help to give you a good living or a good retirement.

Google and Bing will reward you in the end for creating a site that people want to visit but you have to give it some time.

Over and over, good content has proven to be the most important factor in search engine rankings and the instructions along with the AI article generator can help you to create content that search engines will love.

This also means you should include sufficient content - enough to answer most questions people will have in their minds.

Many people who launch websites aren’t successful because they want to get rich overnight and don't know what it takes to build a successful site. They want instant gratification.

If you are one of these people, you should look elsewhere because you aren’t ready for the DIY website builder I am talking about. This is for people who are willing to build a real business.

I am not just talking about success online – I am talking about building a business. Building a business, whether online or offline, means putting in some work before you see results – no instant gratification here!

As I stated before, I have used other website builders and there are some good ones out there, but there are none as easy to use or that have as many tools as this one. Many claim to be the best but wouldn't you agree that the best DIY website builder package is the one with the most successful students?

Make Money Online

Watch your website grow and income increase as time goes by.

Just like a brick and mortar business, almost anyone can build a successful online business with the right tools and a step by step plan that has worked for countless others.

Watch as Your Free Traffic Grows & Gives You Recurring Income 

As time goes by, you will see your site pages rising in the online rankings of Google and Bing and you can monitor this too inside this website builder package. Then you will know you are set up for long term success and recurring income.

You can also evaluate pages that aren't doing as well as others in the search engines and make changes whenever you want to.

There is no feeling like getting paid over and over and making a good income just because you have built a site that people and the search engines love.

I have not listed all the features and benefits of this package. Just what I consider the most important things you need to know to make an intelligent decision without trying to impress you with a bunch of hype. There is even more to this DIY website package than what I have listed here.

Not only is it one of the top DIY website builders, it's the best because of all the features and it's so easy to use - just point and click. There isn't another one like it on the web.

So, go check out the best DIY website builder on the internet and start building your online business today. An online business is easier to run than any brick and mortar business and more rewarding than any regular job.

Start on your recurring income plan now and retire early and retire better.


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