The Self Sufficient Backyard

The Self Sufficient Backyard info can show you how to create a simpler , healthier, lower stress lifestyle.

There are many DIY projects to help you live simpler & better and help you to cut back your dependency on supermarkets, utility companies and other extraneous procedures and gadgets that suck up your paycheck.

Some of the simple DIY projects that you can implement in a few hours or days are:

  • The self-heating year-round greenhouse,
  • A moneymaking basement crop for year-round,
  • The mini-chicken coop on 8 square feet,
  • A complete windowsill medicinal garden,
  • The quick battery trick for making almost any kind last longer,
  • The independent water source,
  • A small kitchen root-cellar,
  • An ingenious system for growing food suspended indoors,
  • The handy backyard beehive,
  • A stove that gives you free pressurized water and many more DIY projects!

The Self-Sufficient Backyard System provides color pictures and simple, easy to follow instructions for each step of every project so you can become less dependent on all the money grabbing promotions around you.

Written by People With Over
40 Years Experience

The Self Sufficient Backyard  was written by "back to the land people" from the late1970s who have been living off the grid for over 40 years and now they are sharing much of that information with whomever is ready to explore a simpler lifestyle.

You’ll become truly independent from the government, grocery chains, pharmacies, water and energy companies, and even the entire grid as you’ll produce everything you need on your own land.

And you can do it on much less space than most people think. You don’t need a big piece of land to do it. You can do it on less than a quarter acre of land because of the efficiency and simplicity of these DIY projects. Also there are many time-saving tips to help you create your projects quicker with less hassle.

Ron and his wife, Johanna, the creators of this information, have been living completely off-grid for over 40 years. They are self-sufficient, and they’ve had decades to perfect the methods they will share with you inside their new book.


Here's a picture of their self sufficient little farm. An example of what simplicity and creativity can accomplish.

Less stress, less pollution, lower expenses, better food and lots of satisfaction.

Please note: There are actually rules on collecting rainwater in some places. Check the state/county rules in your area. I don't live in such an area but I suspect one reason is perhaps due to low rainfall desert areas. 

Also, how you collect the rainwater can be an issue. Inside The Self-Sufficient Backyard, you will discover the best way to legally collect rainwater wherever you live.

If you are interested in creating a self sufficient backyard, you are also probably interested in all the different ways to preserve food.

The Self Sufficient Backyard Info
Can Make You Money

The Self Sufficient Backyard info can also help you to make money from your self-sustaining lifestyle. Sell produce, create and sell DIY projects, charge a fee to teach groups of people your knowledge. 

Lots of possibilities to make you more independent and even allow you to expand your own backyard self sufficiency project.

Just imagine having fresh produce that is much better tasting and higher in nutrition than the supermarket versions. This can cost you a fraction of the price of store produce and you can even sell your surplus. It's super easy to sell fresh produce to friends and neighbors and after they taste it, they will come back for more.

You can even expand your operation into a full time venture if you want. Building or helping others to build the projects in this book can put extra money in your pocket. 

Complete Self Sufficiency

If you want to get even deeper into a self-sufficient lifestyle, you can create hand crafted items from wood, iron and other simple materials to sell.

If your expenses are already lower due to you living a simpler lifestyle, it's easier to begin a complete break from the rat race if it's something you really want to do. 

Handcrafted wooden patio furniture can be fast and easy to build and can also be very profitable. If you have or want to learn basic welding skills, you can also create useful, decorative items with iron.

In addition, basic welding is a great skill to have to create some backyard DIY projects. It's faster and easier than drilling and bolting items together.


Sample pages from inside the book. Notice the layout below the photo which, along with the text, explains an efficient way to organize your little homestead.

The whole book is laid out this way, explaining and showing you how to do the DIY projects simply and easily. 

Don't waste time and money trying to figure it all out on your own. Use the over 40 years of experience of this couple to help you start your own journey back to a simpler lifestyle.

Save time, money and your muscles with this book detailing projects that are the result of over 40 years of living The Self Sufficient Backyard lifestyle.


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