Tips to Grow Tomatoes

Tips to grow tomatoes that will amaze you and your friends.

It's all here if you want to know how to grow tomatoes in containers, the best type of soil, maintaining PH, best types of tomatoes to grow for your situation, how to grow tomatoes from seed, transplanting, tomato diseases and pests, growing tomatoes organically and in greenhouses and much more.

Whatever you need to know about growing tomatoes, you'll find it in this guide.

Tips to Grow Tomatoes Ebook.

Choosing your variety of tomato is important - what type of climate do you live in, are you going to eat fresh tomatoes or preserve them? or both?

Do you want tomatoes that keep longer after they ripen. Are you going to use a lot of tomatoes for cooking?

Do you have garden space or are you going grow tomatoes in containers?

Do you want your own seeds for next year so you can start your own crops without buying more tomato plants or seeds?

Do you want the small cherry tomatoes or large heirloom tomatoes?


Tips to grow tomatoes that are the juiciest and best tasting tomatoes you've ever had.

The ones in the store, even organic ones, will not compare.

Different Classes of Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes are varieties of tomatoes that have been passed down through seeds for a few generations.

Some people have slightly different definitions of an heirloom tomato, but they are basically closer to the original varieties of tomatoes from many years ago before all the modern methods of breeding and crossing plants were introduced.

Heirlooms are the best tasting variety of tomatoes and can grow very large, but they are also more susceptible to bugs, pests, disease, etc.

Hybrid tomatoes - Hybridization is a controlled method of pollination in which the pollen of two different species or varieties is crossed by human intervention or hybrid plants can also be created by cross pollination from different plants being close to each other.

Open pollination is when pollination occurs by insect, bird, wind, humans, or other natural ways.

What Types of Tomatoes Should You Choose?

Hybrids have their benefits but choosing open-pollinated varieties conserves the genetic diversity of tomatoes and other garden vegetables and prevents the loss of unique plant varieties due to dwindling agricultural biodiversity.

If we had only the hybrids developed by agricultural experimentation, we would only have a few varieties to choose from. We would have varieties that were developed for things like early ripening, pest resistance, heat or cold resistance, etc. and we would lose the more flavorful varieties of garden plants with this type of breeding - not just tomatoes.

Heirloom vegetables are usually a lot tastier than the hybrid varieties and over time, heirloom varieties can also accomplish some adaptation to their environment. Choosing open-pollinated and heirloom varieties, you can also help  to conserve the biodiversity of our garden plants and keep the heirloom varieties from disappearing altogether.

Another choice to make is whether you want a ‘determinate’ or ‘indeterminate’ variety tomatoes. A determinate variety grows into a plant about 1 metre (3 feet) high. At this stage it stops growing and concentrates growth on the tomatoes, which will ripen over a few weeks.

Indeterminate varieties keep growing and vines can reach a height up to 5 metres (15 or more feet) when mature. The fruit from these can be picked over a period of 12 to 20 weeks. These varieties are frequently used by greenhouse producers. Many cherry tomato varieties are indeterminate.

There are also ‘semi-determinate’ varieties which grow to about 1.5 – 2 metres high (4 – 6 ft.) and produce fruit over a longer period than determinate varieties. These varieties are great for home gardens. They usually need staking and the tomatoes are harvested over 2 – 6 weeks.


Tomatoes are one of the more sensitive plants when it comes to pests.

Our tips to grow tomatoes includes how to use natural methods to repel pests.

Tips to Grow Tomatoes With Natural Methods That Can Help to Repel Pests & Parasites
& Increase Your Yield Too! 

Using vegetable garden companion planting methods can help your garden vegetables immensely - not just the tomatoes. This method can help to protect your tomato plants from insects, fungus, etc.

Tomatoes are also one of the garden plants that are a little more susceptible to these kinds of parasites.

Companion planting can also enhance overall plant growth and help to repel pests and parasites because it's a much more balanced way of gardening. It increases your garden yield and it also improves your soil. 

You should consider the climate and types of parasite problems in your area too when choosing the types of tomatoes to grow.

Unless you are experienced, it's best to start your tomatoes with seedlings the first couple years instead of starting with seeds. You will need to buy some more equipment for starting your own seedlings too.

Tomato plants should be planted in a row with the plants 2-3 feet apart. This will give the plants lots of room to branch out and not interfere with each other.

If you plant another row of tomatoes beside the first row, allow 4 feet between rows or 2 feet if your tomatoes are staked. Lots of space helps to avoid fungus, which is common among tomatoes.

Want all the tips to grow tomatoes for great tomato crops that will make your neighbors ask you how you did it?

Below are some of the tips to grow tomatoes that you will find in this tomato growing guide. There is a lot more information in the guide to turn you into a tomato expert quickly and help you to avoid making all the common beginner mistakes.

  • When to plant
  • How to plant
  • How to do crop rotation
  • Improving fruit yield
  • How to start seeds
  • Using mulch to retain moisture
  • Using compost
  • Checking for pests & diseases
  • Protecting plants in windy areas
  • Reducing erosion on sloped sites
  • Growing tomatoes in a container
  • Staking & tying your tomato plants
  • Best time to water?
  • How much water?
  • Reviving damaged plants
  • Preventing skin splitting

The tomato growing guide comes with a 60 day, money back, satisfaction guarantee - you can't go wrong.

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