Wilderness Survival Skills Course

A Wilderness Survival Skills Course that can save your life in an emergency. Taught by an expert with decades of wilderness survival experience.

Learn to use nature for food, medicine, tools, making fire, shelter and equipment and you can not only survive, but thrive too.

Many things that can help you to survive in an emergency are simple to do.

But if you don't know them, it can increase hardship and lead to early death in a natural environment that seems as foreign to you as our present concrete jungles would seem to native peoples who lived off the land before so-called civilization came along.

Native peoples lived well off the land because they knew how to use the natural world around them. They basically started their own wilderness survival skills course when they learned to walk and as they grew up, they learned from their elders how to live in harmony with nature.

It's almost a complete reversal now in the way many people think about the wilderness. They are afraid to venture off the beaten paths and explore for themselves because they have been taught to fear it.

You fear what you don't know. When you are familiar with something, the fear drops away. Learn the basic skills you need to trek the wilderness safely with this DIY wilderness survival skills course. It has a money back satisfaction guarantee.


Making fire is one of the essential skills for wilderness survival.

Learn how to make fire with traditional methods - no modern gadgets.

DIY Wilderness Survival Skills Course

Wilderness Survival Skills Course by An Expert

The DIY survival course offered here is not regurgitated theory or put together by an armchair expert doing Google or Youtube searches.

Decades of hands on experience are behind this primitive wilderness survival course. Survival with simple tools and many traditional methods prepares you for survival in any situation.

It can even assist you in an urban emergency survival situation. No matter where you live there is some nature close such as your yard, parks, greenbelt areas, etc. that you can take advantage of if you need to, using natural items and materials to build what you need.

  • There is water available in most areas, but making it safe for use is what you need to know.
  • Making fire easily and safely in any situation, wet, cold etc. You don't want to start a forest fire through carelessness or lack of knowledge.
  • Making a life saving shelter that can keep you comfortable no matter how cold or hot it is. Hypothermia is the most common cause of death of lost people. 
  • Making a bed that will minimize heat loss and keep you warm in any situation.
  • What plants are safe to eat and what plants can harm or kill you. There are edible plants wherever you are.
  • Navigation - no need to get lost. Each year, many people get lost and perish in wilderness areas simply because they don't know what to do.
  • The most important but simple tools you should always carry, whether camping or just hiking.

In the wilderness, there are all kinds of things around you that are useful in an emergency and many simple methods to accomplish what you need or want.

You can learn these ancient skills and be confident of dealing with disaster or accidents should they come your way.

Survival skills were a common sense thing when people lived off the land and now these traditional skills are completely lost to most people.

Many Unique Wilderness Survival Details

There are many details included in this DIY wilderness survival skills course to help you do what you need to do safely. Getting hurt when you're in an emergency situation can be deadly.

Choosing a good location for your campsite and setting up some simple security around your campsite so you know when something or someone is approaching.

Fire safety - if you just build a camp without considering location and safety, you could start a forest fire or at the least, burn your own camp down. Or you could get flooded out if it rains. There are certain things you must consider when you set up your camp.

Make your own cordage. Many plants can be used to make rope for tying. Learn what the best plants for this are. Sinew from animals is also excellent cordage but you won't have this available until you have killed and processed some animal hides.

There are different methods of finding and purifying water. Know what is applicable to you if you end up in an emergency situation.

What You Should Always Carry in
The Wilderness

There are simple, small items that are easy to carry and that you should always have with you, whether you are going to camp for a few days or just doing a short hike. Call it a basic survival kit.

You can't predict an emergency, so be ready for it with a few small, easy to carry items that can mean the difference between living and dying.

Learning the important basics of wilderness survival can help to give you confidence. Confidence is important to help keep panic from setting in.

Panic has caused many people in emergency situations to do things that have cost them their lives.

This wilderness survival skills course comes with a money back guarantee. If you're not happy, with it, you can get a complete refund.

Survival in The Wilderness Manual for those who want a wilderness reference book.


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