Write and Publish an eBook

Time to write and publish an ebook.

It doesn't have to be long. You can write a low-content ebook. 

Less than 30 pages can work well if it's something other people are interested in. If it's really short (only a few pages) you might want to call it a report or PDF but that doesn't mean people won't buy it.

A special recipe, a certain way of doing something, a fictional or true story. Take your choice - the possibilities are endless. 

Many people have knowledge that they could be successful with.

They just aren't sure how to write and publish an ebook and also, many people have some sort of skill or knowledge others are interested in, but they don't have the confidence to take steps to actually do it.

Write and Publish an Ebook

It's not hard to write and publish an ebook with some simple guidance.

Make your dreams come true - be a published author.

Write and Publish an eBook now!

Write Short Content eBooks

If you want to write short ebooks, there is actually good demand now for this. Most people are in a hurry to do everything now, including reading and learning things.

They like short to-the-point stories or instructions that give them what they want to know. Even checklists will sell. Better yet, if you write a short ebook/report/guide you can include a checklist if it fits into the subject you are writing about.

Checklists give added appeal because it's something people can refer to quickly.

For example, say you write and publish an ebook with an simple recipe on making homemade hand soap.

You could include a checklist on the basic steps needed to create a batch of soap and the tools/supplies needed. It can be the same approach with many other subjects, such as a checklist and suggestions for a move from one home to another or advice for working mom's to organize home and family needs around their job more efficiently.

The eBook you see on the side is a good example of how easy it is to write a short content eBook and can give you inspiration to do your own story just using experiences from your every day life and knowledge.

I can also help you to write your first eBook. 

Just use the contact form at the side to get in touch. I have been writing articles and books for years and I can help you set up to write and publish an eBook for a very reasonable price.

Write and Publish an Ebook 2

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Organizing Your eBook Content

It's important to organize your information as well as possible too, since it makes it easier for you customers and this is also helpful to get good reviews.

Good reviews can help you to sell a lot more ebooks.

If you want to write and publish an ebook, a good way to start is to make your own checklist for the writing steps required.

Write down the first step and keep adding steps as you think of things.

You can change and edit this as you go but it's a good way get started to set up an outline for each chapter or section of your ebook. This can save you a lot of hassle.

If you just sit down and start writing, you may end up wanting to change things later and it's a lot more hassle changing the information around in an ebook after you've already written it.

Keep it as simple and easy as you can.

Before You Write and Publish an eBook

Research your topic well before you start writing. Almost anything can be sold on the internet but research can help you to be a lot more successful and do it a lot quicker.

Research your subject and pick the best keywords for your subject. That doesn't necessarily mean picking the words with the most searches either.

The best keywords are the ones with little competition. Specific searches are better than general ones.

Here's an example; Maps is a word that gets a lot of online searches but people can bring up maps on Google, so most of those searchers aren't looking to buy anything.

But say you have a detailed map on the Grand Canyon that maybe includes hiking trails, interesting land formations, certain plants, camping areas, tourist stops, etc. Then you are much more likely to get people who want to buy a certain type of map.

You can buy keyword search tools or use Google's free search feature to find keywords that can work for you.

Write and Publish an Ebook 3

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Things to Consider If You Want to
Write an eBook

1. Subject – what are you interested in – what are your hobbies – what are your favorite activities. Everyone knows things that others don’t and you have the magic of the internet at your fingertips to help you research. You can literally learn more about your subject as you research – then you have more to write about.

You don’t copy information – you put the ideas into your own words and then the info is yours.

2. Every subject has different aspects – that’s where your different sections and chapters of the book come in.

Example subject approach for making an ebook writing outline:

Subject: Natural Health

Chapter 1. How diet affects health ( examples and studies)

Chapter 2. Best types of exercise

Chapter 3. Organizing menus for a week or two at a time

Chapter 4. The best places to buy quality supplements at great prices

Chapter 5. Advantages of natural remedies over drugs

Chapter 6. Simple home remedies for common health problems

Chapter 7. Sample recipes (with info on how to purchase your complete book of homemade recipes so you can sell another book).

So, that is just an example. The point is that anyone really can do it if they want to.

You can add even more chapters or reports by researching specific health problems such acid reflux, skin problems and on and on. Each subject is good for a report or chapter.

Give away a short report/guide/checklist etc. to try to get their email address – then send a few more emails promoting your books and/or reports to those who  clicked on your offer.

Short story ebooks can make it a lot easier for you to begin writing to make money. Check it out here!

Try This eBook Writing Method

Still think you can’t write and publish an ebook?

OK – now try this.

Everyone has memories – some funny, some sad, some terrible, some happy.

But the point is we all have memories lurking at the back of our mind. Something that made a big impression on us.

Grab something to write with and a piece of paper.

Now, take a memory and write it down – just a basic paragraph or two. Keep it short for now. Something that made a big impression on you that you remember clearly.

If you did write it down, you discovered it wasn’t really so hard and you just proved to yourself that you can write an ebook – you just need more material for an ebook than a short story. Call it a story, guide or report if it's less than 20 pages.

But you don’t need hundreds of pages. If you want to, you can write a long one but most people on the internet today want simple, concise information that they can quickly put into action.

That’s where you come in and where other people have found a golden opportunity.

People will pay for information – they do it every day. Newspapers, books, internet, classes, seminars, etc. You name the subject and people will pay for information on it.

That’s because they would rather pay a fair price than go looking for the information and doing all the research. That’s where you come in. If you like writing, then do it. Anything you like is infinitely more rewarding than just dreaming about it. We all want to change our lives, but very few ever find the courage to take action. Without action, dreams turn your life into an unfulfilled wish list.

Everyone selling ebooks on the internet was at one time doing something vastly different. The online market is actually growing like crazy for all kinds of products and services. One of the fastest growing categories is for ebooks. There are literally millions of ebooks sold every year on the internet.

Ebooks are also a cheap way to test the market for a future physical book. If your ebook sells well, there’s a good chance it will also sell well on places like Amazon.

After your first ebook, it will become much easier for you to write and publish an Ebook, just like any other new skill you learn.

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Steps to Writing an eBook

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